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Suspicions Of The Heart

Posted on Jun 16, 2017 @ 6:22pm by Ensign Lynette Ryan
Edited on on Jun 16, 2017 @ 6:23pm

Mission: The Romulan Way



(Continued from Shawn's "Backhanded Compliments"



Location: USS Phoenix

Stardate: 2.17.1706.0209

Scene: Lynette's Bedroom


Grunts of frustration sounded from Lynette Ryan’s small bedroom as she fought a furious and intense battle against the renegade strands and clumps of hair that refused to submit to her will. With everything that had been happening in the past few months and with her recent unavoidable encounter with Eve Dalziel, she felt like she needed to do something different with her hair especially with tonight’s occasion. Ever since she was a teenager Lynette had always kept her hair a short length, her preferred style during her more rebellious years but now she felt she had moved on with that aspect of her life. She was no longer the rebellious party chick of those days...well not *as* rebellious so she had let it grow and instead of it hanging to just above her neck it now it flowed down to her shoulders.

Usually when fixing her hair she would just settle with tidy as there was no point in spending too much time making it pristine especially in her line of her work. With all the alignments she would generally do in the tight confined spaces and getting her hands dirty with EPS conduits and plasma regulators she would usually end her work shift with it being messy and the equivalency of bed hair of an early morning.

Tonight though she couldn’t settle for just tidy as she had received her personal invite to the formal dinner being held to welcome the Romulans onboard. This invite coming from Lysander Elgin, Asta’s brother and she was still a little confused to this. Furthermore Sofia certainly didn’t help with the situation acting like a teenage girl in the background with her gestures and expressions which was why afterwards Lynette subjected her to a couple of innocent thrashings from a couch cushion.

Now with a nagging feeling in her mind she couldn’t help but think there was something more to it. If Asta couldn’t attend then why did Lysander pick her instead? Out of a crew complement of over eight hundred why her? Was this Asta’s twisted idea of trying to play matchmaker with her brother? If it was, Lynette would have to have a serious talk with her before inflicting bodily harm. She did notice Lysander stammering trying to find his words

as if nervous. Although he didn’t admit it, but was he actually interested in her?

“Men. Who knows what goes on in there heads. Mind boggling.” She said to her feline companion who was perched up on the table by the window washing his paw. Mackie glanced back at her answering with a single meow before returning back to his bathing. Memories of Sam then flashed before her unexpectedly. A remembrance of his smile, touch, scent and his love for her. Lynette could sense the tears coming and she gave herself a light slap across her right cheek which was enough force to snap her out of it.

It was still difficult for her to think of Sam but it was slowly getting easier day by day. She still loved him, but knew that one day she would need to move on. That day was not today and her heart still needed time to heal from the wounds it had suffered by the quick press of that phaser and of the now dead megalomaniac that had fired it.

The door chime suddenly sounded startling Lynette. Immediately she glanced over at the time on the small display beside her bed. The numbers ‘1997.52’ in golden yellow appeared on the display.

*Oh crap. I’m late* Lynette thought as she leapt up from the bed in a quick motion, not forgetting in an instant that she still had a towel wrapped around her mid-section. Swiftly she snatched her dress uniform from her wardrobe and laid them carefully out on the bed.

“Who is it?” Lynette asked via the comm. System keeping a firm grip on the folds of her towel to prevent any risk of embarrassment of the naked kind.

“It’s Lysander” The voice sounded over the door’s comm system.

“Come in.” Lynette said aloud still holding a firm grip of the thick soft material that was the only barrier to exposing herself to the open world and eyes she did not need seeing. The doors parted revealing the tall slender and copper-haired man who slowly stepped inside holding a large black case in this right hand which he gently placed onto the floor. Lysander’s eyes looked around for the source of the inviting voice and once he found it he instantly looked away as he caught a glimpse of the young woman wrapped in a towel and witnessed more flesh that he cared to have seen.

“’m sorry.”

“It;s okay. Just...Just make yourself comfortable and I will just be a few minutes.” A reddish pigment brightened Lynette’s face and she turned away ensuring that the door that separated her room from the main lounge was fully closed before she proceeded to get dressed. As she turned towards the bed she noticed in that brief minutes distraction that Mackie was currently sitting on top of her dress uniform pawing at the material he saw as a comfortable place to sleep.

“Ahhhhh! No! Mackie off!” Lynette growled flailing her arms towards the tabby cat who then jumped off the bed quickly with fright after being growled at.

“Is everything okay?” Lysander’s muffled voice sounded from the other side of the door.

“Everything is fine.” Lynette responded with untruth.

“Crap.” Lynette whispered as she noticed that Mackie’s hurried departure had left a patch of white fur on the back of her black dress uniform. She frantically tried to brush off as much of the gray and white fur from the material unfortunately she did not have much success.

“I’m already running late. It will just have to do. I’ll be fine as long as I keep my back away from everyone.” The young engineer using her Uncle’s fondness for Aussie slang was currently starkers as she moved back towards the wardrobe to finally get dressed. A sad meow sounded at her feet and Lynette felt Mackie’s furry body brush up against her.

“Oh no I’m not giving you cuddles after what you have just done.” She gave a Mackie a slight telling off and the tabby cat slinked away to sulk.

It took a few minutes for Lynette to wrestle with her dress uniform. It was the first time she had worn one and although very similar to the standard officers uniform this made her uncomfortable for a number of reasons. It didn’t sit right on her shoulders, the collar made the skin on her neck itch which she had to fight the compulsion to scratch and finally it was very tight around the crotch to the point that if she were a man right now her discomfort level would probably be raised a hundredfold. Her current predicament is probably the result of the replicator having misjudged her measurements or a slight glitch in the materialization routine that put the pattern off by a micrometer..

Lynette let out a sigh as she looked at her reflection within the mirror. It wasn’t perfect but it was the best she could and suddenly there was a knock upon her door.

“Are you okay in there? We have to get going as I still need to setup my cello and do a quick rehearsal.” The muffled voice was filled with concern and a sense of urgency. Lynette took another glance at herself in the mirror letting off another sigh before walking away having to settle with simply how she appeared now.

“Sorry...umm...Already to go when you are.” The blushing red color had returned to her cheeks when the doors to her room parted and she was surprised to find Lysander standing directly on the other side. It was the second awkward moment in the space of about twelve minutes. It didn’t make things easier on her suspicions from earlier and she still wasn’t entirely sure if the reason for the invitation was true or he was using it as a cover for something deeper.

“Have you changed something? You look a little different than earlier today.” Lysander commented and aside from the discomfort of her uniform Lynette felt extra discomfort by the way he looked at her.

“I felt like I needed a change.” Lynette replied simply without the need to explain in length.

“Well shall we get going? I still have to help set up.” Lysander urged as he picked up his cello case and moved towards the exit.

“Sure. Computer Lights.” Lynette answered and the room was plunged into darkness and the pair exited together and stepped out into the corridor.


Scene: Corridor -> Vulgar Tribble

Time Index: A few minutes later


There were little words spoken on the journey from Lynette’s quarters to the Vulgar Tribble, general small talk about their days, his interest in music but the rest was silence which made Lynette still feel uncomfortable. This seemed only to confirm her suspicions of Lysanders intentions further. Was it just simply because there was little to talk about and it was pure innocence that she was just his plus one? Or was he really that nervous and shy around her because he harbored feelings toward her?

Thankfully though that uncomfortable silence now could end as the doors to the Vulgar Tribble parted. Lynette needed a moment after she stepped through the door frame as she observed the the transformation before her. The usual casual, laid back atmosphere of the lounging hotspot aboard the Phoenix had been altered to present a more formal environment and with a defining style of dignity. Tapestries bearing the seals of both the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire were hung around the large room draping nearly from ceiling to floor. The various tables that dotted the lounge had been removed and in there place was a single table that was almost half the rooms width and it bore distinct curve that seemed parallel to that of the rooms curvature itself.

Lynette’s thought on looking upon the table was simply *How the hell did Iphie manage to get that in there!?* Though course it was Iphie Bonviva and she did seem to have an unscrupulous and unconventional way of getting things done when needed. She had to admit that she had done an amazing job in getting everything setup and prepared in such short space of time.

“Okay. We’re here. I need to go setup and do some rehearsing. I’ll see you when we sit for dinner.” Lysander said with a very large smile on his face.

“Thanks for the invite.” Lynette replied and watched as Lysander joined his colleagues in the section of the Vulgar Tribble where the band was setting up to provide the musical entertainment for the evening.

*Thank God.* The young confused woman whispered with relief glad to be away from the uncomfortable situation with Asta’s brother. Something she would have to remind herself to discreetly talk to her about on their next duty shift together.

“Champagne?” Lynette was startled as a tray of wine flutes suddenly was thrust into her view. She twisted around to find the cheerful and smiling blue face of the Vulgar Tribble’s proprietor looking back at her.

“Sure.” Lynette nervously took a flute from the tray.

“Hey, is that you blue?” Initially thinking that she was offering champagne to a new crewmember she was now surprised by the familiar voice that certainly didn’t match the hair style or color of the young woman she had served malted milk nearly a week ago.

“Yeah. Liking the new color. Maybe I should call you Blondie instead of Blue.” Iphie’s smile grew larger and excitedly she ran her fingers through Lynette’s hair.

”Ahhh...Blue will be just fine. Well they say a change is as good as a holiday.” Lynette ducked away from Iphie’s invasion of her personal space.

“Speaking of more change. Hooked up with Lysander I see. You too seemed a little...close.” The over-excited Human-Bolian gave Lynette an obvious wink and nudge as she stated her observations.

“Iphie...we have not hooked up. I was just his plus one. He told me he was originally going to take his sister tonight but she had to go and piss off our boss. In response he gave her extra work so she couldn’t attend tonight.” Lynette nearly choked on her sip of champagne from Iphie’s comment and lowered her voice to a less obvious level, not wanting to draw attention. The last thing that Lynette needed was the beginning of any potential rumors of a new romance aboard ship. Not with her current mental state anyway.

“A likely story. Tell me this then why did he choose *you* to take to this little party?” Iphie asked.

“He….He…Maybe Asta suggested it” That same earlier confusion and suspicion re-entered her thoughts as she tried to explain it.

“I’m not sure to tell you the truth and that is kinda freaking me out.” Lynette admitted.

“Haha….Lysander Elgin has a thing for Lynette Ryan.” Iphie gave Lynette another conspicuous wink and nudge.

“Keep it down. If it is true...I’m not interested in him and I’m not certainly ready for another relationship.” With everything she was still facing with Sam, she was no way near ready to even think of being romantically involved with anyone else at this time.

“You may have to tell *him* that.” Iphie gestured towards the band section and Lynette looked around to see Lysander with the other members of the band. It looked like they were preparing for their quick rehearsal when Lysander met with Lynette’s gaze and flashed her a smile before they started playing.

“Have fun.” Iphie said in a playful tone before leaving to serve champagne to more guests.

*Oh God. I do not need this. Not now* Lynette thought and took a large sip of champagne. Lost in a flurry of chaotic thoughts and confused emotions, the young woman instantly felt the need for some space and began to move away from the clusters of people dotted around the room and headed straight to one of the viewports and a place where the not all of the light seemed to cover. Comfortable in being in the shadows, unseen. Lynette downed the last of the champagne

“Ensign, go easy on the champagne.” This was certainly the night for Lynette to be jumpy and caught by surprise as she didn’t notice the figure that she shared the shadows with. Further surprised that the figure was the Captain. Instantly Lynette tried to compose herself as she didn’t need Kane to see her in such a state of emotional turmoil.

“I’m sorry, Captain. I didn’t realise you were there.” Lynette explained as she looked towards him. The eyes of Commanding officer of the Phoenix were fixated to the view outside of the viewport and he seemed to barely move..

“How are you faring tonight so far?” Kane asked not even turning to face Lynette.

“I’m alright, sir.”

“I sense uncertainty in your tone as if you are distracted.”

“I’ll be okay. The drink has probably gone to my head already.” Lynette feigned the truth with a little laugh hoping that the Captain wouldn’t notice. Kane continued to stare out into the blackened void, the stars passing by as they moved at fantastic speeds, each one leaving a faint rainbow colored tail. During the whole of their conversation so far Lynette noticed that he did not even turn to face her at all, this made her feel uneasy and although she was no telepath she could sense that something was troubling the CO.

“Forgive me for asking, sir. Is something wrong? You seem very preoccupied” Lynette took a chance to ask the question of her Captain. Ever since she had come aboard the Phoenix they had shared very little words and as a junior officer most of her dealings would be with the CEO or even Commander Crichton. There was a few seconds of silence and it almost seemed like Kane had gone catatonic until words escaped his lips, breaking the silence.

“What is your opinion on our invitation to Romulus? What sense of feeling does it give you?” Kane asked and Lynette was a little taken aback by the sudden question. Why would he be asking her such a question? She was only a junior officer and an engineer and she certainly was not qualified or suited to answer the question, but it was asked and she needed to respond.

“I’m not sure. Maybe they want to discuss a new treaty. Maybe peace.” Lynette continued “But if that is the case why us? You would think a diplomatic envoy would be better suited for that and why not communicate directly with the higher ups at Starfleet.”

“Keep going, Ensign.” Kane prompted her to continue with her hypothesis and Lynette struggled to think straight and come up with ideas.

“The Phoenix? We *are* aboard the most powerful starship in the fleet. Would this be some kind of trap? Do they intend to capture us when we reach Romulus or possibly destroy us?”

“But…” Lynette was about to continue but was relieved when Kane interrupted and finished off the sentence for her

“But why haven’t we already been surrounded by a Romulan armada? We are already far away from our side of the border and heading deeper into Romulan territory. They have had plenty of opportunity to do so.”

“Why do I suddenly feel very uneasy?” That was the first thing she was certain of since the conversation began as she felt a sense of dread wash over her. What did the Romulans want? What were they after? That feeling of the unknown was always uneasy but by reputation when it involved the Romulans it was very dangerous indeed.

“That is exactly how I feel, Ensign. They certainly have kept up their air of mystery and intrigue.” A sigh escaped Kane’s lips as for the first time in the conversation he turned away from the viewport and looked at Lynette.

“It’s nearly time we welcome our guests to dinner. You should get seated.” The tone in Kane’s voice suddenly changed almost brighter than the sombre that it was moments ago as if he snapped back from another place of existence.

*That time was nearly here. Formal dinner with Commander Jaron and his staff. Maybe I would learn more information about their trip to Romulus and the new Praetor.* Kane thought.

“Yes sir.” Lynette replied and began to turn leave the confines of the shadowy area and return to the crowd.

“Lynette, please keep what we just discussed to yourself for the time being.” Kane asked and the assistant engineer gave a gentle nod of acknowledgement and turned once again.

“And have cat fur on your back.” Lynette went a bright red as she had completely forgotten about the present that Mackie had left for her. She gave her Captain one last glance and saw gentle smile on his lips.

*God Damnit!*


NRPG: Still having a rough time with some RL issues but I am very glad I was able to work on this post.

Major thanks to Alix for writing in a tag allowing me to write this.

This post was a bit of a stretch for me as I am not usually one for lots of dialogue but I think it turned out okay.

Does Lysander truly have a hidden interest in Lynette? Or are her perceptions misguided?

This was also my first time writing Kane so did I do him justice as a brooding and troubled CO or should I just eject myself out of the nearest airlock right now?

Anyway hope you enjoyed it is after 2am and my brain is completely fried.


Phillip Wright

Writing for

A very confused Lynette Ryan


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