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Bloody Way To Do Business

Posted on May 12, 2017 @ 12:55am by Ambassador Xana Bonviva
Edited on on May 12, 2017 @ 12:56am

Mission: Aftermath

“Bloody Way To Do Business”


FROM: MARIE-CLAIRE MARTINE, Senior Advisor - Councilman Karimi, Federation Council

TO: XANA BONVIVA, Chief of Staff - Councilman Karimi, Federation Council


Xana -

Yes, things are going as well as can be expected. A full de-brief will be provided upon your return.

On a personal note, we did receive your last vid but it came across grainy; most likely due to distance. However, you appeared to be not well, almost as if you were crying. On a personal note may I ask if you’re ok?



FROM: XANA BONVIVA, Chief of Staff - Councilman Karimi, Federation Council

TO: MARIE-CLAIRE MARTINE, Senior Advisor - Councilman Karimi, Federation Council


M-C -

Please send an update, encrypted, of where we are with the briefings and the bills. The momentum we were building needs to be maintained at the right pace.

Thank you for your concern. If I was crying it was simply due to...seasonal allergies.







Hi Mom -

When are you coming home? Doesn’t matter. Can you still sign off on this name change form? I’ve decided to change my name to the attached. I sent it to Jake but he’s not responding. Nan and Nonno have said they’re not signing off on it -- something about you’re getting what you’ve earned. Erika is sending you the application for her go-go dancer school. Ben hasn’t stopped eating ice cream.







Dear Daughter -

You never asked why your father and I named you what I did. Last names are important to both Bajorans and Bolians; and your father was a far better diplomat that I ever was. He was the one who came up with the idea we give you both of our names. While a long name, it was a very inclusive choice -- we made everyone happy, and conversely everyone unhappy, by picking both names.

The stories of your father being a hero, you know those well. Gene would have liked that; he liked stories of heroes. But your name came from the side I don’t think I’ve done a good job telling you about.

The reason you’re named Dahlia was that when I was the CO of the GATEWAY and your father was the CO of the EIDOLON, he would make sure to bring me flowers. An old gesture but I loved it; and for some reason your father almost always brought me dahlias. I don’t think before your father I knew what a dahlia was but it quickly became my favorite flower. When we held you for the first time...there was no other name we could think of.

You just turned 13. In 5 years, you will officially become an adult. Save the forms until then and you won’t need me to sign off on them. Until then, I will not sign off on them.




Location: BOLARUS IX

Scene: Bank of Bolias

Xana kept up her vigil in the bank lobby waiting for her turn today to speak with the bank manager. She had done this every day since she had come to BOLARUS IX, although she was privately concluding that this was all for naught and she should just leave.

The bank manager, the same one who had been denying that he knew who she was or the existence of a Fund to Save Bolarus, came running out; sweat glistening from his bald head. “Ma’am, please come with me.”

The Bolian/Human woman raised a white eyebrow, stretched her legs which were feeling the aches and pains that now semi-normal for her. As Xana walked behind him, she stuffed her hands in the pockets of her tan trench coat as she looked around. Unlike the last few days that she had been here, the upper management of the bank looked distinctly worried and were huddled in hushed conversation. Still she continued to follow the bank manager who summoned her, past the tellers who were doing their best to reassure some tense customers, into a small office at the bank of the bank.

As he made his way to behind a desk that had a vid playing; loosening the band that held the too-tight collar he half-asked/half-said, “I’m assuming you saw this morning’s news?”

“There’s no vid in the slums,” Xana said by way of explanation.

The bank manager sighed and turned one of the vids around for her as he cued up the latest news report…


Location: VULCAN

Scene: Outside Federation Council

“We’re interrupting our normal broadcast of “Coffee with Kiki” to bring you this special report,” Mijol Dialun, the Trill investigative reporter for FedComm stated as he stood in the Vulcan sun.

Pointing to the crime scene behind him he said, “As you can see behind me, Vulcan authorities have already cordoned off the area. However, Vulcan Security has confirmed that two of the three bodies found at the crime scene belong to Bolian Councilman Drass and his Chief of Staff, Rafe Qafe. The third body has not been officially identified but sources close to the investigation have told FedComm that it is another member of the Federation Council.”

As the camera panned behind Mijol for a better look at the crime scene, he continued on, “This is a huge blow to BOLARUS IX, which is still reeling from their incursion, and to the Federation Council. Of course FedComm will continue to bring you updates as we have them. Back to Kiki in the studios.”


Location: BOLARUS IX

Scene: Bank of Bolias

Xana’s hand never left her mouth as she watched the news report. Looking up she saw the bank manager who had been watching her the entire time. He passed over a small isolinear chip. “Here is the information that you need for your investigation,” he explained.

“Why give it over now?” Xana asked as she took it and slipped it into her coat pocket.

There was a long pause before the manager answered. “I knew who you were. We expected someone to come eventually, honestly. My reason for holding it back is lying in the Vulcan sun,” he said simply.

Xana and the bank manager sighed and looked over at the news reports. Drass was a well known figure in Bolian business and politics; what small semblance of Bolarus coming back on its collective feet was now feeling like it was gone. There was no help coming for Bolarus, and one of its chief architects for rebuilding (however flawed) was dead, and according to reports, possibly killed.

“They’re going to shut down the ports again,” the manager pointed out. “BOLARUS cannot take another set of political instability. Not now.”

Xana nodded at that; while she ached to help BOLARUS IX, she knew this time she had to go home to her family. “Thank you,” she said before turning around to leave.

“Ma’am,” the bank manager said just as she was at the door. “I have a fiduciary responsibility to let you know that your account, along with your children’s accounts, are in good standing and always have been.”

Xana stood there tapping her foot wondering what the bank manager was getting at. “Well I’m glad that you were able to find the accounts, thank you,” she replied. Thinking through what she knew she said, “I’m also glad to hear that the passing of Drass, as member of the board of the Bank of Bolias, won’t impact the business of Bank of Bolias.”

The bank manager looked uncomfortable for a moment. Taking another isolinear chip out of the drawer he passed that over to Xana. “As you’re going off-planet, here is some common information we give out to our customers on how to transfer accounts to other banks.” When Xana gave a look, the bank manager said quietly, “You might find it useful.”

“Fiduciary responsibility?” Xana asked quietly.

“Precisely,” he said.


Location: VULCAN

Scene: Bonviva Home

TI: A few days later

Xana was thrilled to be home, after a long time traveling. She enjoyed the time with her children, laughing at their stories and sneaking in a hug when she could. She thanked her parents, even when her mother lectured her and her father rolled his eyes. She held her kids when she explained that the divorce with Jake was final, but that nothing was going to change, that she and Jake loved them and would be there for them. Figuring that was enough emotional turmoil for now, she held off on explaining why she was moving so slowly.

Just as the evening was winding down, the doorbell rang and Ben went to answer it while Erika went dashing after him. The kids came into the living room and said, “Mom, there’s a weird dude at the door for you.”

Xana shook her head and walked over to the door to find a man of some kind Vulcan descent. “Are you the owner of Angel’s Angst?” he asked.

The azure woman nodded; that was the name of the restaurant that she was the owner of on GS2. Since going into politics she had put it into a trust management; however with the investigation ongoing and reading what was on the isolinear chip it gave her an idea. She had her restaurant put in an order for some unusual delicacies with Pangeos Pathways.

The “weird dude” passed over a PADD. “Be at this hangar at 1000 tomorrow to discuss your order with the head of Pangeos Pathways.”


Scene: Pangeos Pathways Hangar

Xana walked into the Pangeos Pathways private hangar the next day and saw a Tellarite man sitting behind a terminal. He didn’t look up as he heard the footsteps approach but instead asked, “It’s been awhile since I’ve had Romulan jumbo mollusk. Tell me how do you serve it in Angel’s Angst?”

Xana didn’t slow down but instead answered, “The traditional way is to have it sauteed in Rhombolian butter. But I’ve always preferred it redspice stew.”

Councilman Gavaar, the Councilman from TELLAR PRIME and head of Pangeos Pathways, gave a hoarse chuckle at that. “That would be interesting.” He paused as he considered that. “I think I would like that.” Looking over his terminal he said, “I like Romulan jumbo mollusks, and you know that, but up until this yesterday morning I’ve never had an order to go to GS2.” As Xana came over and sat across from him he said, “Now if this was just some trading row, we’d shake hands and be on with it.”

The azure woman tilted her head at that. “Are we shaking hands?”

“Much as I love gathering up Romulan jumbo mollusks, I must decline this order,” Gavaar said. “And now you know--”

“And now I know you’re the head of Pangeos Pathways,” Xana nodded. Crossing her legs she said, “And I know that Pangeos Pathways is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.”

The Tellarite frowned. “I have to admit I’ve been fond of learning of the quirks of your backwards planet but I don’t know that one.”

Letting slide the slur, Xana replied, “It’s a type of financial scheme. It’s based on the premise of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. With the promise of large returns as bait, the trickster takes in money from new investors and uses it to pay off the earlier investors until no more new recruits can be found and the whole scheme collapses, with the newest investors losing everything.”

“I’m a businessperson and politician, like yourself,” Gavaar pointed out. “And it’s inelegant for you to say that people want to be conned. Let me point out that there’s no shortage of people who either want to believe or who want to turn a profit. There will always be recruits for both.”

“You robbed Bolarus, looting the Fund to Save Bolarus, with Drass helping you because he was the chair of the Bank. In return he got a plum position in the Federation Council that you sponsored him for. Now you did all this because you’re running out of people for your business,” Xana pointed out. “You needed an influx of credits. Something happened though because Councilman Drass, his Chief of Staff, and Councilman Rennan,” she said referring to the Councilman from BETAZED, “are all dead. You knew I knew, that’s why I’m here.”

“You got into this room because I appreciated the fluidity of your tactics, Ms. Bonviva,” Gavaar stated firmly but softly. “But this is the end of our association. If we had come together in someway, I feel certain that we could have been associates, but that can never happen now, despite the rareness of your gifts and own associations. I have picked my side, and quite frankly, I like the way it makes me feel.”

Xana smiled wryly, “You know...I can understand that.”

Gavaar got up. “I don’t think you’re going to give up, even though you should. So if you keep searching...don’t go down this path ever again. There is nothing for you here.”

As Xana got up another thought came to her. “One more question if I may?” As Gavaar waved her on she asked, “Will I see you at the funerals?”

“Of course,” the Tellarite replied. “One must acknowledge death to fully appreciate life.”


NRPG: Sorry for jumping around a bit but there ya go! To summarize:

Councilman Drass (BOLARUS), Rafe Qafe (Drass’ Chief of Staff), and Councilman Rennan (BETAZED) were all murdered on the steps of the Federation Council

Xana got the info proving the Fund to Save Bolarus was looted before hightailing it off-planet

Xana met with Gavaar (Councilman from TELLAR PRIME and head of Pangeos Pathways) and explained that he is running a Ponzi scheme of a business (in addition to trading gray market goods) and implicated him in the murders. Gavaar pretty much brushed her away ;-)

Thanks for reading this latest post in political musings!


Sarah Albertini-Bond

~writing for~

Xana Bonviva


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