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Notable Bolian

Posted on Apr 16, 2017 @ 3:17pm by Ambassador Xana Bonviva
Edited on on Apr 16, 2017 @ 3:17pm

Mission: Aftermath

“Notable Bolian”




SUBJECT: HI MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mom -

When are you coming home? I want another scoop of ice cream. Like I want 2 scoops after dinner. Nonno said I can have it but Nan said it will rot me. What do you say?

Dahlia keeps changing her name and now she wants us to call her a symbol. Erica keeps making weird dances around the house. I don’t get any of it.

You are coming home right?

Love (but no hugs or kisses cause that’s gross),



Location: BOLARUS IX

Scene: Bank of Bolias

For well over a day Xana Bonviva had trekked back and forth from the slums where she stayed to the Bank of Bolias. While the Incursion of Bolarus IX had decimated such populated areas like Bolikua and the Cliffs of Bole, the Bank of Bolias stood on.

“Our records indicate you do not exist.”

“Try it again,” Xana ordered. After two days on Bolarus IX she finally had an appointment at the Bank and she wasn’t about to lose it because of a technicality. Standing at the counter, she glared at the man behind the counter.

It was bad enough she had severed ties to Jake (that sounded so *final* but that was what a divorce was, she reasoned to herself sadly) but she was clearly needed to get home to her family and office. What she wanted was to be loved and held, to be reminded that she was not alone despite the vast emptiness that threatened to consume her heart. She wanted a reassuring hand when her body failed her…

What she did not need -- nor want quite frankly -- was to be here in a sea of red-tape. But the Bank of Bolias, which not only had accounts automatically for notable Bolians but also other important people of the universe who did business with Bolarus IX. She had an account here for years; her family had accounts for years. Her children had custodial accounts set up for them.

The Bank of Bolias could not only store their units (or whatever else you wanted) but where the Bank of Bolias made their money was from the exchange into every other currency from credits to merits, dilithium to latinum (all for a fee).

And yet...there was no record of her, despite her being a customer.

The bank manager, who could not have been older than her oldest son, gave her a haughty look. “The Bank of Bolias has excellent records and they were maintained during the Incursion. So I don’t know who you think you are or what this Fund is but according to us you don’t exist nor this Fund you’ve been asking about. Now we have *every* notable Bolian--”

Xana raised a white eyebrow. “I’ve had an account at this bank for years. You have *every* notable Bolian and you don’t have me? I rebuilt the Gamma Quadrant for Starfleet, then I was the Secretary of Starfleet.”

The Bolian teller gave a shake of his head. “We give priority to Bolians who serve Bolarus IX.”

“No you don’t,” she snapped, what little hold over her emotions disappearing. “But if your policy changed then I am this planet’s Daughter of Serendipity and Design, and I served during the Incursion of Bolarus as the Secretary of Bolian Office of Protection on the front lines. Now I’m empowered by the Federation Council to find out where the Save Bolarus Fund went. How’s that for serving Bolarus IX?

“And I know the Fund’s first stop was here. And now you’re telling me that you’ve never heard of the Fund nor ME?”

The manager looked at her again, with a combination of boredom and pity. “We don’t have any records of you. I don’t know who you think you are but--”

Leaning in so that not only she was nose to nose with the manager but that her phaser glinted in the light, the woman said, “I’m Xana Bonviva. *Check*. *Your*. *Records*. *Again*.”

The Bolian man snapped his terminal closed. “It’s my break, and even if it wasn’t, we still don’t have any record of you. Come back in two days with some proof of identity and with this “fund” that you’re talking about and one of our helpful tellers will be happy to assist.”




SUBJECT: RE: HI MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Benito,

Your sisters are going through phases. Dahlia is angry. She’s angry at me, and your father, and if I had to guess even angry at her own father. For now, just call her what she wants to be called that day. Erika is trying to figure out what she wants to do when she graduates school and she thinks she has to do it now. She doesn’t. She’ll figure that out too.

As far as the ice cream...Benito, you’re going to have to realize I’m not always going to be there to tell you what to do. I wish I was but you’re going to have to study everything all around and make the best choices possible. Listen to that little voice inside and figure out what you think is best. I believe in you.

Love (with lots of hugs and kisses because I can do that),


P.S. I’ll be home as soon as I can. This trip is taking longer than I thought.


Location: VULCAN

Scene: Councilman Drass’ Home (Councilman from Bolarus IX)

Drass walked into his well appointed home after a long day of glad-handing, photos with grubby-school children and slick lobbyists who all wanted something from him. Loosening his tunic that was gripping his bulging neck he debated getting an Alderberan Whiskey before deciding that perhaps he should listen to his doctor and go for the soothing mineral water.

The house was blessedly quiet except for the slight beep indicating there was a message waiting for him. Sighing he went for the desk and tapped in the codes so the message could come up. Although it was from Bolarus IX, it came in loud and clear, probably because it was from his brother-in-law at the Bank


[[When you told me I’d have to turn away some government official you should have told me who it was! Xana Bonviva has been a pain and driving down business for the last 3 days causing chaos. MY guards let her bring weapons with her each time she comes because THEY USED TO WORK FOR HER. Rumor is tomorrow she’s bringing with her the priests and priestesses as her witnesses for her identity. I cannot take religious leaders and weapons. I RUN A BANK. I want nothing to do with gods, weapons, or emotions. Just leave me out of this. If she shows up tomorrow, I’m going to let her find out about the Fund.]]

Drass rubbed his face wondering what in the name of 99 hells he was going to do. Leaving this to his brother-in-law was always tricky. He just didn’t have enough time to get home and soothe things over himself. He could have records erased but there was always that element of interaction once you saw someone that just went by the wayside. Technology was wonderful but nothing replaced good old looking someone in the face to convince them.

Unfortunately this meant he was going to have to tell Gavaar that Bonviva was going to find out about the Fund. Typing out a short note to the head of Pangeos Pathways/Councilman from Tellar Prime; Councilman Drass explained the situation and asked for Plan B.

Then he really did fix himself that Alderberan Whiskey.




SUBJECT: RE: HI MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mom!

I thought about what you wrote and I figured it out, just like you told me too.

I’m having a scoop and a half of ice cream from now on.

Love (but still no hugs and kisses),



Location: VULCAN

Scene: Councilman Drass’ Home (Councilman from Bolarus IX)

There must have been something in the Alderberan Whiskey; that was the only logical explanation. That had to be why Drass now, long after he went to bed, was startled awake and saw that half-Vulcan weirdo that worked for Gavaar, calmly sitting at the foot of his bed. This had to be some kind of drug-inspired dream.

He really hoped it was a drug-inspired dream.

“Your note was interesting,” T’Kem said quietly. “When faced with a did nothing. It’s an interesting tactic. Not one I’d advocate but it’s fascinating to watch.”

“I explained the situation to Gavaar,” Drass said as he moved to sit up. “Why are you here?”

T’Kem shook his head. Leaning down, he picked up a long knife that glittered in the moonlight that streamed in through the windows. He peered at it with a mixture of awe and reverence. “I know others prefer more modern methods but aside from the obvious traceability I do prefer the more intimate methods.” Shrugging he turned to Drass, “Call me old fashioned but I think we’ve lost something by going to these hands off methods of death. Death should still hurt, don’t you think?”

Drass swallowed the uncomfortable lump in his throat. “If you want your death to hurt, I won’t stop you.”

A soft smile hovered around the edges of T’Kem’s mouth. “I like that, enjoying the last moments of life; squeezing out the little pleasures before you die.” Flipping around the knife so the hilt was pointed towards Drass he said, “It’s that kind of thoughtfulness that lead you to coat the knife with the kaylo poison. You want to make sure you died. Your guilt over what’s happened over the Fund to Save Bolarus...well you just want the job to be well done.”

When Drass said nothing, T’Kem dropped the knife on the blanket and stood up. “Now, be courteous when you commit suicide...make the incisions vertical, not horizontal. That way the blood flows freely. More for me to handle later but again...we want a sure, clean death.”

“I am not killing myself. I’m a Councilman on the Federation Council,” Drass pointed out.

T’Kem smiled thinly at that. “No, what you are now is a liability.”


NRPG: Well there you go! I figured while Xana is away she’ll get notes from people (cause I like writing those) -- the first one being from her youngest kid. Also the Bank of Bolias (which I’ve always wanted to write about) is trying to stonewall her in finding out about the Fund to Save Bolarus.

Councilman Drass (the Councilman from Bolarus) is being threatened as he’s rather inept in stopping Xana and that threat is a threat upon his life. Will he stop Xana? Will he live or die? Will Benito get a scoop and half of ice cream (ok, that’s probably a yes :) ) But for everything else -- stay tuned for next time!


Sarah Albertini-Bond

~writing for~

Xana Bonviva


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