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Unexpected Visit

Posted on Mar 30, 2017 @ 12:12pm by Ensign Sofia Andersson & Ambassador Xana Bonviva
Edited on on Mar 30, 2017 @ 12:13pm

Mission: In Place of God


"Unexpected Visit"

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SD [2.17] 0330.0815
SCENE: Sickbay

Mornings were when the Chief Medical Officer reviewed the medical roster, insuring that no one spent too many hours on duty in Sickbay. During an emergency, each and every member of the medical staff could be called in to help, so it was prudent to insure that everyone rested as much as possible. The next thing on Sofia's 'morning to do' list was to review the medical records of officers who had come through hr department the day before, insuring that their records were kept up-to-date with whatever had been seen, diagnosed and treated. True the computer on board the PHOENIX refreshed and updated these records automatically, but she had wanted to make sure that everything matched with the staff logs.

One particular PADD had been on Sofia's desk apart from the others. It contained the details of a case that she had become personally invested in. From day one as a student of medicine, the concept of 'professional detachment' had been drilled into everyone's head. Becoming personally involved in any case would result in an emotional burden that could very easily overwhelm anyone. Despite the warnings, Sofia had made this case her own.

Xana's condition had been unusual as genetic mis-pairing occurred very rarely . Even in humans, Spinocerebellar Ataxia had fallen off the normal medical radar thanks to the advancements in the field genetic mapping and reconstruction. So to see this in a half Human, half Bolian had been flat out unheard of, so much so that the general medical community had never even heard of this condition. What had made the condition even more unique had been that the progressive neurological and muscular disease had attacked the woman's Bolian half, making finding a treatment that much more difficult.

However complicated things were, they had not been impossible, at least as far as Sofia had been concerned. The answer had to be out there, somewhere in the vastness of the cosmos and she intended to find it. The quest could take years but Doctor Andersson knew that Xana did not possess that kind of time. Obstacles and complications were bound to be encountered leaving both the Doctor and Patient with less time that they had started with. This was why the PADD stayed on her desk, as a constant reminder of the task and time frame they both faced.

"Doctor Andersson?" The very familiar voice made Sofia jump out of her seat to rush back into the main treatment area.

"Xana, you're back!" Sofia said, shocked by the presence of the blue skinned Human/Bolian hybrid in Sickbay. "Sorry, I did not meant to sound so shocked. I am just surprised. I was not expecting you back so soon. Is everything okay?"

"As 'okay' as can be," Xana replied her thoughts instantly drifting back to the evening past and the night that followed. "I was hoping that you would have time for some of the tests you spoke about."

"Of course," the CMO gladly agreed. "I have done some research on the particulars of your case. I'm still waiting for replied from other renowned genetic specialists, but I did get replies from a few of them."

"You have been talking about my case to other?" Xana said sounding troubled by the possibility of her name having been scattered to the wind of the medical community.

"Don't worry," Sofia reassured. "Everything was done in complete privacy and nothing other than the general details of your genetic mis-pairing were offered. At this point I am more interested in finding someone who might have an idea of what we are faced with."

"We?" the Human/Bolian hybrid asked.

"Don't you start. I have enough of my own mind telling me that I need to keep a professional distance on this case. I certainly don't need you on top of it," the CMO challenged humoristically. "Like it or not this Doctor is on your case, 100 percent dedicated to finding a solution in the briefest possible delay."

"You have an entire crew to think of," Xana stated thinking of those on board the PHOENIX including Jake. "You cannot dedicate all of your time and effort on a single patient."

"Let me worry about that," Sofia quickly countered with. "You are in my care, and that is all that matters. Now come and have a seat on the main biobed. I received a note from a Commander Wallin about a few tests that I should try."

"Commander Wallen?"

"Apparently he is a Doctor on some distant outpost who heard about my search for a possible cure to your condition," Sofia replied ignoring the look of complete discontent from her patient.

With that Sofia gave the well known sign to lie down, and while Xana did that, she brought over a hovercart with a small machine on it. “You mentioned the other day about tingling pain in your limbs.”

Xana nodded at that. “It’s at random times. I’ve tried to note when it happens, but it doesn’t seem to have a pattern.”

Sofia nodded as she set up small pads on the azure woman's arms and legs. “It probably doesn’t. What you were describing was neuropathic pain. Given that it’s been happening so regularly over a length of time means that it’s chronic,” she explained. “This test will see if your nerve fibers are damaged or injured in anyway.”

The azure woman nodded at that. “And if they are?”

The doctor looked at the machine and then looked back at the patient, “Well, then we talk about--”

“Oh! I felt something,” Xana said as her leg involuntarily twitched.

Sofia nodded and noted on the PADD that it took well over a minute into the test before the patient before she felt the current coursing through her nerves. **Nerve damage is present,** she wrote on the PADD.

Approximately half an hour after the nerve conduction velocity testing, Sofia noted that Xana was appearing anxious. “We can take a break if you want,” she offered.

“I’m fine,” she picking off imaginary lint from her gray slacks. Looking over Xana asked, “I didn’t do well, did I?”

“One test doesn’t determine your future,” Sofia replied. Pausing for a moment she said, “I know your schedule is limited before you disembark, which is why you wanted to get through these tests but if you are stressed--”

Xana gave the doctor a look. “Over the last few days, I have learned the reality of my condition, tried to setup a future for my children where I won’t be there for them in as little in 10 years, gotten a divorce from your Executive Officer because we can’t live in the same place at any given time despite how we feel, all the while I’m supposed to be preparing for an investigation that I’m supposed to be leading when I land on BOLARUS IX that may have wide reaching implications into the Federation just as it's getting up on its feet.” Inhaling she said, “Sure, we’ll go with ‘stressed’.”

The doctor looked at the woman and in spite of herself felt her heart go out to her. However, reality stepped in. “Xana, it’s not 10 years.” When the Bolian/Human woman gave a quizzical look she clarified, “You said you were trying to setup a future for your children and you mentioned 10 years--”

“So I will have more than that?”

Sofia was silent at that.

“It’s less.” Xana swallowed the lump in her throat. “That’s what you’re saying. It’s not the 10-20 years we thought,” she said as she closed her violet eyes.

“The progressive nature, given what I’m getting from second opinions…” This time Sofia did her own inhale. “But that’s why these tests are important. We need a baseline before moving forward.” She watched Xana sit there with her eyes closed, her fingers pressed up against her eyelids. “If you need a moment--”

“I can’t cry anymore, it’s just not physically possible, I promise you,” the azure woman promised softly. “I’m just...I need a moment to gather myself.”

Sofia nodded at that. “Do you want me to get someone?” When Xana hesitantly lowered her fingers and her violet eyes opened she offered, “It’s up to you but there’s no point in doing these tests if you’re upset. I can call *anyone* that *you* want.” Sensing the other woman’s hesitation she said, “I won’t tell a soul.”


He walked in like he owned the place.

There was that swagger, the confidence that came from knowing that everyone wanted him; he didn’t need the uniform or the pips, but certainly they helped. The wide eyes that did not miss a thing that happened in Sickbay, or anywhere else he went. His feet made confident, quick strides across the floor until he reached the biobed and stood there looking at the women, darting his eyes back and forth without so much as a sound.

He did, however, drool. That really couldn’t be helped.

“Captain Smooshy, come on up,” Sofia said as she picked up the therapy dog to the biobed. Once the pug settled in next to the politician and settled in to be petted, the doctor went to work on the next tests.


Another joint effort that sets the tone and foundation for this particular side-story.

Thank you Sarah for your generous and talented contribution.


Sarah Albertini-Bond
~writing for~
Xana Bonviva


Tiffany Reeve
Ensign Sofia Andersson
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


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