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First Mission, Part III

Posted on Mar 14, 2017 @ 7:48pm by Chloe Nielsen
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Mission: Section 31

"First Mission, Part III"

(Continued from "First Mission, Part II")


Scene: Inside the pool house

As the agent entered a small room, dimly lit by blue light, she immediately spotted the children by a twin bed at the opposite end. Chloe figured they were held inside by a forcefield, just from the sight of the three steel grey stands set in a triangle position around the area. She quickly made her way towards them.

At her approach, the girl let out a scream and jumped at the forcefield, only to bounce back. “Let us out!” She stomped her foot on the ground. Her brother, on the other hand, was too occupied with eating a chocolate to notice the Section 31 agent’s arrival. “When my dad finds out, he will shoot you with a phaser for kidnapping us. He’s a Captain, you know.”

Chloe shook her head, sighing. Teenage girls and their attitude. In a calm voice, she said, fixing her gaze on the elder of Dhillon’s children and raised her hand, “Keep it down. I’m here to rescue you.”

The teenager glared at her, while her brother got down from the bed and walked up to the forcefield with a look of hope in his eyes. “You’re lying,” the girl said, folding her arms across her chest and scowled. “You’re just luring us out with false promises so that the big mean Amazon lady and her skinny sidekick can beat us like they promised if we misbehaved.”

The boy, on the other hand, had a different idea. “I wanna go!”

“Oh be quiet,” his sister snapped at her brother, who stuck his tongue out at her.

Nielsen let out a sigh and shrugged, taking on a rather casual tone in her voice. “Well, if that’s what you want, I will leave you here…wondering for days, months, maybe years about whether you will ever leave or see your parents again…or you could come with me and possibly see your parents again.” She began backing away, making a half-turn. “Your call.”

“Wait,” called the girl, watching the agent stop and turn to face them. “We’ll come with you.” Her brother let out a cheer.

“You made the right decision.” Chloe reached out for the closest stand and tapped it, the forcefield turned off. “Come on.” She waved them forward. The children dashed ahead, when the agent called, following them. “Stay close to me.” She moved ahead of them. “I promise I will get you out of this place.” The children nodded, waiting behind her.

“What the Pah’Wraith is going on here?”

Chloe shifted her gaze to the front and found herself staring down at the Bajoran guard, who was wearing a sour expression as if someone stole her favorite toy. She signalled the kids with her fingers to remain still. “I was told to take the kids out.”

The Bajoran narrowed her eyes. “Well no one told me and I’m in charge here.”

“The boss ordered me.”

The guard stepped closer, sneering at the blonde. “Hmm…I have not seen you before. You new here?”

“Yes.” Chloe nodded.

“Leit should have told me or B’klao about sending you here.”

“Hey, look. I was just told to take them out so they can use a restroom and get some exercise.”

The Bajoran gave her a wide smile, revealing her perfectly shiny white teeth, shifting her attention to the children and a scowl marred her features. “Hmm…on second thought, new girl, give them to me. B’klao and I have been itching to teach them a lesson for being brats.” She had a wild look in her eyes. As she made a move towards the children, the Canadian slid to block her. “Oh step aside, new girl.”

“I don’t think so.”

The guard chuckled, sneering at her. “You should know that around here I have a specialty – beating new girls into submission….” Her expression darkened, noticing the agent give her a mocking smile. “You think this is funny, do you?” Her ire grew, when Chloe shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Well, it won’t be funny, once I have you screaming in pain and begging me to stop.” She took a step forward, raising her hand but then the expression on the Bajoran’s face changed from smugness to disbelief.

In one swift move, Chloe grabbed the Bajoran’s arm with both hands and pulled her forward and then down with so much force that the latter flipped over, only to land on the floor on her back. Before the guard could get up, the agent grabbed her shoulders, lifted her up half way and tossed the other woman into the holding area. The blonde promptly slammed at the controls, activating the forcefield. “I suggest you spend more time working on your fighting skills than talking,” Chloe remarked, giving her a wry grin.

“Behind you!” She heard one of the kids yell behind her and turned around.

Chloe sighed, shaking her head. “Of course, forgot all about the Amazon who came to check upon her sidekick.” She eyed the half-Klingon woman with a cool expression. “Or maybe you are the sidekick.”

The hybrid’s chest heaved, taking a fighting stance and growling under her breath. “I will crush you, weak human,” she declared, charging towards the agent and releasing an ear piercing war cry.

Chloe stood a few feet away from the forcefield, watching her opponent hurtling towards her. Within moments, the agent felt strong arms around her mid-section, getting pulled into an embrace and then found herself slammed on the floor. Lying on her back, she heard the hybrid roar with delight. As the guard bent forward, her face mere inches from the agent’s, the latter pushed her back with a fast, sidekick to the midriff. The half-Klingon stumbled backwards, allowing Chloe to jump up to a standing position. The agent shifted to a spot in front of the opening between the two stands. The hybrid charged towards her again. Chloe deactivated the forcefield and stepped to the side. As the guard reached her, the agent jumped behind her opponent and lifted her leg to push kick the larger woman on the back. The half-Klingon tumbled forward past the opening, in turn toppling over the Bajoran against the foot of the bed. The Canadian woman reactivated the forcefield.

Turning around, the agent spotted the children, frozen in their spots. Chloe sighed, rushing towards them. “Let’s get out of here.”

As they were passing by the pool, a young humanoid man jumped out of the water and blocked their path, wearing nothing except his swimwear. He was physically fit with a lean athletic build and broad shoulders, no wonder the two female guards were distracted by him.

Nielsen remarked, a hint of sarcasm in her voice, “I totally forgot about the swimsuit model.” She took a step forward, not taking her eyes off him. The agent then walked sideways, facing the pool and the swimmer did the same, except his back was to the water, his feet teetering on the edge. When the man moved one foot forward, Chloe stunned him with a back kick to his stomach, knocking him backwards into the pool with a splash.

“Let’s go,” she said, waving her hand forward.

Scene: Parking area

They moved quickly in the parking lot as Chloe led them to an empty hover car, closest to them. She opened the door on the driver’s side and turned to the kids. “Hop in.” The boy jumped in first, followed by his sister.

“Hey, how come she gets to drive,” the boy whined, scowling at his sister.

“She isn’t,” Nielsen said, tapping her fingers along the console. “I’ve set it on autopilot – the car drives by itself.”

The girl asked, “Where are you taking us?”

The agent replied, “The car will take you to the security centre, where your mom and step-dad will be waiting for you.”

“You’re not coming?” The teenager inquired.

Chloe shook her head. “No.” With that said, she removed herself from the car and the door slid shut as the car revved up its engines with a soft, whirring sound. The vehicle lifted itself a foot from the ground and sped away.

Dhillon. In the commotion involving the children’s rescue, the agent nearly forgotten about the former starship Captain. She pulled out the tracker and checked the display – he was still nowhere to be found. Was he still inside the building? But before the agent could answer her question, guards swarmed around her. Chloe’s eyes moved around and counted about ten guards, amongst them that driver, the female guards and the swimsuit model who was wearing a dark blue bathrobe. Sighing, she raised her hands in surrender. It was the driver, who came up behind her and pulled down both her arms and held them behind her. She noted the murderous looks in his eyes.

A Nausicaan, likely the head guard, ordered, “Bring her to The Leader.”

At his command, the guard escorted her to a shuttle craft, followed by the rest of the squad. Chloe realized both Dhillon and The Leader weren’t on the compound and security would likely find nothing, when they arrive there.

Scene: Inside the shuttle craft-> Large cavern
TI: Several hours later

It had been several hours since Nielsen was taken at the compound and so far the Canadian had no idea where she was. She was currently held at the back of the shuttle craft, her hands and legs bound together by cuffs. The shuttle craft had just landed in an unknown location an hour ago but where, perhaps the site, the bio-weapon was going to be released. During her captivity, Chloe had thought of possible locations and considered the Federation Government buildings amongst the possibilities.

The blonde raised herself to a semi-standing position and dragged herself towards the latch, which was left open a little at the top. She remembered the shuttle pilot complain about the lever being damaged during the landing and couldn’t get the latch to close. More voices heard outside. She stood still, listening intently. There was a look of recognition in her eyes. Dhillon. She was listening to the former Captain speaking and his voice was filled with apprehension. Apparently, he still believed his kids were held captive. She groaned, gazing at the cuffs. Another male voice, this one more authoritative as he was giving orders - The Leader, who was currently conversing with Dhillon.

[[You know what to do right, Dhillon,]] The Leader spoke in a smooth voice, filled with arrogance.

Dhillon replied, [[Yes. And the deal stands? I do this and you free my children.]]

[[I always keep my word.]] A moment later. [[Now go to your position.]] With that said, Chloe heard Dhillon leaving the room and sighed. She had to get free of these cuffs and escape now. But how? Before she made a move, the agent heard The Leader say something that surprised her.

[[You two, take these cases. These are like the one I gave Captain Dhillon. And go to your positions and release it at the designated time.]]

So Dhillon wasn’t the only one. The bioweapon was set to release at three locations. How was she going to stop all three at once? The blonde woman released an exasperated sigh. So no matter what she did, people were going to die anyway. The question racing through her mind was the locations themselves, were they in one area or at sites all over the city. Who was she going to save or who’d she let die? This was a huge dilemma and the agent struggled with the decision.

The agent raised her cuffed hands and banged the wall. Footsteps were heard, followed by the latch being pulled down and a humanoid guard, sporting a thick, black beard walked up. He scowled, standing at the threshold. “What do you want, prisoner?”

“I need to use the restroom. It’s kind of urgent,” the Canadian said in a tone filled with urgency.

With a grunt, the guard grabbed her shoulder. “Okay.”

“Uhm.” Chloe nodded down to the cuffs. “How do you expect me, a woman, to go like this?” She glared at him.

“Fine.” The man growled as he removed the cuffs from first her wrists and then bent down to take them off the ankles. Before he could even look up, the blonde kneed him on the groin in a sudden quick move. The guard keeled over, letting out a moan. Chloe then followed with a strike to his temple using the back of her hand, clenched into a fist. The man staggered sideways before falling to the floor and into the realm of unconsciousness. She grabbed the blaster and communicator off him and turned towards the exit. As the Canadian stepped out into a large, cavern like room, she was met with weapons aimed at her from the others. Giving them a cool gaze, she walked down the ramp and stood a few feet from them. There he was, The Leader, a Grazerite, adorned in an expensive black suit with red embroidery on the sleeves. She pointed her blaster at him.

“Well, well,” the Grazerite said in his condescending smooth voice, giving her a sly smile. “It seems you’re no ordinary girlfriend. I never believed the security reports about two of my men killing each other over ice cream. It was you who took them out.” He paused for a moment. “Who are you really? A security officer or an intelligence agent? Did you put Dhillon up to this? Have him infiltrate our organization on your behalf as part of a deal he made to avoid prison?”

But Chloe didn’t answer and remained steadfast in her position, her eyes fixed on him. She listened as he continued in his melodious voice.

“I’m afraid this is the end for you and your boyfriend whom we now realize works for you.” He sneered. “Since you’re going to die, I might as well tell you my plans. Before I plant a weapon, I first decide on a location, based on a very important factor – choose a site where the weapon will have maximum impact, such as a very high casualty rate and one that causes a ripple to the fabric of society.”

Chloe rolled her eyes, listening to this pompous, arrogant man and prepared to press the trigger.

“See, I sent three, including Dhillon with identical casings. Only one has the bio-weapon, the other two, just harmless gases.” He sniggered. “And I won’t tell you who has what. You will die not knowing that piece of information.” He inhaled. “Now that’s done. Guards, take her out.” He turned around and stepped away.

Chloe beat them to it by firing the first shot, aiming for the Grazerite, but the latter shoved a human guard in front of him as a lifeform shield, the yellow laser beam hitting the underling in the chest. A couple of other guards returned fire. Nielsen ducked, the laser beams striking the surface of the shuttle craft and rushed to kneel behind a large titanium box. She fired again, hitting another guard, this time the half-Klingon she fought with earlier, who fell flat on the ground, a burnt hole in her abdomen. They went back and forth. Some of the boxes in the room exploded. Then it all went deathly quiet. Chloe raised an eyebrow, slowly got up, her blaster in hand. To her surprise, she saw the surviving guards run away, some stepping over their fallen or injured comrades.

The agent moved out from behind the box and studied the carnage in front of her – one body caught her attention a little further away. The Leader. The Grazerite was found dead, his body sprawled on the ground, a hole burnt through his skull. He was trying to escape and got caught in the crossfire – either it was from her or one of his minions, who likely misfired. Well, hopefully that was the end to this little group. She walked away from the shuttle, making her way towards a table, where some accessories were lying around. Section 31 property, which Nielsen promptly gathered and put in her jacket pockets. When she was captured, the guards searched her person for weapons and removed all her belongings. Luckily, they dismissed it as nothing but junk. Spotting her sunglasses, she grabbed and put them over her eyes. The Section 31 quartermaster custom designed the eyewear for her, where its special features could only be accessed after scanning her retina – in the event of theft, the thief wouldn’t be able to access any confidential data, collected by the device.

She marched across the room, where a slightly stocky human man was lying on the ground, his leg spliced open, blood clotting on his wound. He groaned with pain, his eyes darting to her. She stopped before him, giving him a cold stare.

“Hey look,” the man whined. “Don’t kill me. I thought you cops arrest people”

“I’m not a cop,” the agent replied, grabbing his arm. “So, where are we?” She pressed her foot on his leg wound and he let out a scream.

“Near Hall of Voices! Please stop!” He let out a sigh of relief as the blonde removed her foot from his leg.

Chloe sighed, the seat of the Federation Government was an obvious choice. “Oh, and I need you to tell me all the three targets, where you plan to set off the bioweapon and the two harmless gasses.”

Scene: Federation Government building

After the guard revealed the three targets to her, the agent rushed to the Federation Government building through an underground tunnel that seemed to have been hardly used for many millennia, making it popular with criminal elements – allowing them passage to and from the Government. When Chloe reached her destination, she stood in front of a tritanium door, which she thought to be recently built most likely. She entered in the access codes on a panel by the site, provided by the guard, whom she had to force it out of, unfortunately.

The door opened a moment later and the Section 31 agent stepped inside a crowded and disorganized store room with lots of boxes lying around. Navigating around the clutter, the agent made it out into a quiet corridor, surrounded by ancient rocky walls. Pulling out a thin device, resembling an eye liner, Chloe pressed the tip – the holocams in this particular hall were shut off for a few minutes. She walked down the hallway, her footsteps muffled by the stone floor. She suddenly turned into a tiny corner, when a group of Bolians passed her by. When they were gone, she moved out into the open and quickly went on her way.

Using the thumb sized tracker, she accessed the display and the red dot appeared and on the move – it looked like Dhillon was at ground level, having come inside the building through the visitor’s entrance. Security was tight all over the Government complex, making it difficult to move beyond the visitor’s area without a pass. Maybe Dhillon obtained one from a government employee in connection with the group.

But which target was he given? One of them was the visitor’s hall and then it dawned on her all of a sudden. The previous day, she was viewing a Fedcom broadcast that mentioned huge planet-wide demonstrations taking place at this very moment in the visitor’s hall and in the courtyard outside the building. Hundreds, maybe thousands of Federation citizens from the different worlds were expected to participate in support or oppose a cause on a variety of issues. Recalling the Leader’s words about the importance of maximum impact, Chloe figured out the location where the bio-weapon was going to be released and it was the visitor’s hall or protest hall – potential loss of thousands of lives, which would cause a huge ripple…no shockwaves in the entire Federation. Chloe hurried along, searching for a path to the ground level.

The other two targets, well the impact would be serious but less, compared to the visitor’s hall. One was the office of the Tellarite councilman, where apparently the number of Tellarites present, were in the double digits. The other was a conference room, where nine Efrosians, including the councilman were in a meeting. The agent, quickly ruled out both targets. So guess who was chosen to release the weapon – Captain Dhillon. Chloe tracked his movements to an area just above the visitor’s or protest or exercising your democratic rights hall.

She found a flight of stone steps that spiralled upwards and began climbing quickly. The Canadian encountered a Vulcan and an Andorian, both female staff members, and pushed passed them, though neither really paid heed to the human woman. Chloe reached the ground level and snuck through the doorway into the visitor’s hall as a group of Bolians were coming in.

Chloe stood a few feet from the door, taking in her surroundings – it was packed with barely any room to move. A Zakdornian male brushed past her, holding a placard in his hands with some words written in his native language. She moved into a tiny corner, away from the crowd. The agent shifted her focus upwards, the holocam embedded in the eyewear, doing the same. She blinked her eyes, the holocam zooming in on the ceiling. Through the stone ceiling, Chloe’s eyewear detected heat signatures in the level above. She spotted a silhouette of a man, going off alone in a different direction away from the other signatures. Correlating with the position of the red dot on the display map, she tracked Dhillon.

Leaving the corner, she went on a move, forcing her way through the demonstrators. A group of humans waved at her and smiled. She shook her head, eyeing their T-shirts, where the words sprawled on the front were ‘Earth is great’. The blonde bumped into a Trill woman, clutching a media pass in her hands – the latter lost balance, dropping her things on the floor.

“I’m sorry,” Chloe spoke in an apologetic tone, bending down to help the woman gather her belongings. As both got up, the agent handed her the bag and handheld. The woman nodded at her and just left. Nielsen glanced at her hand, holding the pass.

She reached the bottom of another set of stairs. Nielsen sighed, glancing around, hoping no one was looking. Taking on a rather casual demeanor, she began climbing up the stone steps.

Scene: Upper level above visitor’s hall

“Hold it,” a security guard, a male Bajoran, said, blocking the blonde woman’s path. “Pass?”

“Of course,” the agent said, smiling as she presented the pass that she took from the Trill. She waited for a whole anxious minute, tapping her foot as the guard inspected the gleaming white, thin rectangular object.

“Okay, you can go in,” the Bajoran announced, stepping aside.

“Well, have a great day,” Chloe said, giving him a smile as she moved through the doorway into a busy corridor, filled with government staff, members of the press and other personnel. She quickened her pace, making her way through dozens of offices, until the crowd dissipated and she was now in a quiet and empty section of the floor. She stopped, checking her tracker again – Dhillon was stationery in a small corridor, branching out from the hallway, only a few feet from her position.

She paused, looking behind her, a squad of security officers were seen rushing towards the turbo lift. It looked like one or maybe both of the other targets were hit. Hopefully, they were really just harmless gasses. She resumed moving, but at a normal pace so as to not arouse security’s suspicions. The agent turned around a corner and entered a narrow and empty corridor, which she assumed to be only visited by maintenance staff. The blonde’s eyes shifted ahead and Dhillon was standing at the far end of the hall, attaching the case to somewhere in between the vents. Pulling out a metallic blue egg shaped compact case out from her back pocket, she held it in her hand and moved slowly towards the former Starfleet Captain. Now, while a regular compact contained face powder and a mirror, this particular case disguised a type 1 phaser.

Dhillon glanced sideways, a grin formed across his lips. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Emily,” he said in a polite voice with bitter undertones. There was no affection in his voice like he had in his last encounter with her.

Chloe informed, not taking her eyes off him, “Your kids are safe. They are with their mother and step-father. You no longer have to do this.”

“Actually I have to,” Dhillon said, thunder clouds forming in his eyes. “And for all I know, you are lying like you always had, since I first met you. Besides, even if they are safe, Saritha is never going to let me see them again, no thanks to that blasted intelligence officer who presented lies and fabricated evidence that ruined my entire career.”

“And you are going to make things worse by murdering innocent lives…yet again.” Chloe’s tone was harsh as the agent kept getting closer to him. “I guess those 500 lives on the SAN MARINO weren’t enough for you.”

“Told you, I didn’t mean for the SAN MARINO to be destroyed.”

“What did you expect would have happened by sending the coordinates of its position to the Dominion?” She stopped a foot from him, her gaze on the bioweapon, embedded within the vents. Her eyes then flickered to his left hand, holding a tiny, flat device – the detonator. She realized, the bioweapon was placed in an explosive, once detonated, the device would explode, releasing the toxic substance through the ventilation system of the building. So it wasn’t just the visitor’s hall that would be effected, but the whole building.

“You know, I also know the agent who did me in and for revenge,” Dhillon spoke, venom spitting out through his voice. “In fact, I was told by a friend, who described this disgraced intelligence officer as an attractive human woman in her mid to late thirties, around 5’7” tall, weighs approximately 130 lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes.” He gave her a sly grin. “He was describing you, Lt. Cmdr. Chloe Nielsen.” He was stepping closer to her now. “You’re certainly judgmental for a person who lies, uses others with no regards to their feelings for your own agenda, not to mention kill for a living and yet, you’re upset over my simple actions.”

“At least I can count the number of persons I have killed and none of them were innocent,” Chloe retorted. “And I hardly call causing the deaths of 500 people a simple action.”

The blonde was searching for an opening to make a move against him. As he moved forward, she kept shifting to the side and then she grabbed his wrist holding the detonator, twisting it downwards. With her other hand she pushed at his elbow, causing him to stumble forward but he still managed to hold onto the detonator.

With an angry stare, he charged towards her, his hand swinging for her head but the blonde caught it in mid-air and responded with a round house kick to his abdomen, followed by a spinning back kick to the same place, sending him flying back against the wall. The detonator fell from his hand to the floor. Dhillon dove for the device but the agent jumped on him, pushing him further away and the two tumbled to the floor. Henry grabbed the blonde by her jacket and shoved her off him. As she hit the wall, the disgraced Captain crawled towards the detonator and grabbed the device. He smiled, glancing behind him as the agent was slowly getting up.

“You lost,” he said, smirking, showing off the detonator.

Chloe, now standing, pain shooting through her left arm from contact with the wall, moved a step forward, her phaser aimed at him. “Last chance, Dhillon. Let go of the detonator or I’ll shoot.”

Henry chuckled and his tone was patronising. “You wouldn’t. If our time between us meant anything to you as it did for me, then you will not shoot.” But Chloe didn’t budge, giving him a cold stare and the phaser still pointed at him. “I can make this an order, you know after all I outrank you.”

Chloe fired the shot, the laser beam striking his hand, holding the detonator. The move stunned the Captain, who howled in pain as he eyed his blackened hand with outrage, the remains of the detonator melted into his charred skin. The agent strode close to the former CO until she loomed over him.

“You shot a superior officer!” He yelled, a murderous gaze in her direction. “I’m a Captain...” But the agent raised her phaser again and fired shots at both his knees. Dhillon let out a blood curdling scream.

Chloe bent forward, grabbing his collar. She then dragged the man backwards and placed him against the wall. She headed to the vents and pulled out a pair of purple, surgical gloves from her pocket. After putting them over her hands, she removed a small, clear purple bag from her pocket and unfolded it. Holding the bag in one hand, she gently removed the case containing the weapon with the other. She tossed the case into the bag, a special kind of containment unit to nullify the effects of the weapon, folded the bag around the case and sealed it tight. The agent let out a huge sigh of relief as she turned to return to Dhillon, who was glowering at her.

“By the way, former captain,” she said, her voice tinged with mild sarcasm, “I don’t really care about rank and never understood the obsession over the number of pips on their collars.”

“Well, at least I will live with the satisfaction, knowing your career is ruined as well. At least I made captain and…” His lips curled into a sneer until the blonde knocked him unconscious with an elbow strike to his head.

Chloe rolled her eyes, sighing. “Geez, he just wouldn’t stop talking.”

Using the communicator, stolen from the guard in the shuttle craft, Nielsen sent an anonymous message to security, alerting them of Dhillon’s location, implicating him in attempting to release the bioweapon inside the building. She also mentioned the location of the bioweapon would be revealed in another message. So the next step for her was hide the containment unit in a secure location and figure out a safe way to hand it to security on that same day, without revealing herself in the process. With the chaos in the building from the demonstrations and the release of the harmless gasses, security would be kept busy for hours so much that they wouldn’t notice one lone, human woman leaving.

Scene: Spaceport
TI: A day later

The giant viewscreens set up all over the terminal, shifted to the Fedcom logo with its fanfare music and then a young, Trill woman appeared, sporting a serious expression.

{{We begin this very important broadcast with an update. Captain Henry Dhillon, former Commanding officer of the USS COMMENDATION, whose attempt to release a bioweapon into the Federation Government building, specifically targeting the demonstration, was just transferred from the Starfleet Medical facility, where his injuries were treated, into Starfleet Security’s custody to be transferred to Earth, where he will be tried for treason. Our sources at Starfleet expect his court martial to be swift with a punishment to be given sooner than later.

Recently, we obtained a holovid from a source in Starfleet where Captain Dhillon confesses to his role in the USS SAN MARINO’s destruction at the hands of the enemy during the Second Dominion War and all other secrets, including a tirade against Starfleet, Federation Government and the Neo-Essentialists. We will play this vid after the broadcast. We also received information that Dhillon’s daring escape from the Dosi was false.

At 0930 hrs yesterday, the Tellarite council offices and a conference room, where an Efrosian meeting took place, were simultaneously attacked. The Tellarites were hit with laughing gas and the Efrosians with a light dose of sleeping sedatives putting them into a slumber for a couple of hours. Councilman Gavaar of Tellar was elsewhere at the time of attack. No casualties were reported and the culprits, both civilians, are being held at the local Starfleet security office. The assailants were likely pranksters, taking advantage of the demonstrations….}}

After a day’s worth of clean up, Chloe was ready to head back to EARTH. The cleanup was necessary to remove all traces of the agent’s presence at the Government building. So if Dhillon mentioned her, he would be considered a liar as security would not find any traces of her DNA at the site. She deleted the security footage of her at the hotel and the Bank of Ferenginar, preventing any of the employees from identifying her. During her time in the government building, Chloe had shut down the security system in all the areas visited by her, though they conveniently came back online after she left.

Her alibi, as far as anyone was concerned, was that she was just a simple tourist, visiting the Federation’s capital city. Stopping at a comm portal, she opened a channel to Earth. The Federation insignia dissipated to an image of a short haired, blonde, human woman.

Chloe greeted with a smile, “Hi sis.”

{{Chloe,}} the woman said, returning the smile, {{I take it you’re still on Vulcan.}}

The agent nodded. “Yeah. In fact I’m at the spaceport, waiting for a transport back to Earth.”

{{That’s great. How was your trip?}}

“It was nice.” The agent shrugged. “Visited all the sites, spent some time at a resort in the desert.”

{{What was it like, the excitement?}} The other woman asked, leaning forward. {{With all the stuff that happened at the Federation Government building?}}

“I was at a monastery,” Chloe said in a casual tone. “So I missed all the excitement.” They continued talking for another few minutes with the section 31 agent promising to get together with her sister and niece as soon as she reached home.

NRPG: And thus the conclusion to this story. Brief appearances by my Phoenix character, Jasmine Yu and Anaqueen Spankryz, one of my 1st ed. characters.

Ranjani S.
Writing for

Chloe Nielsen
Section 31 Agent


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