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Hostile Takeover

Posted on Jun 19, 2020 @ 7:01am by Lieutenant Commander Aerdan Jos
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Mission: Dog Days Of Summer

“Hostile Takeover”

(Continued from “Face Value”)


Location: USS Phoenix
Stardate: [2.20] 0618.2330
Scene: Main Sickbay


Hey! Everything was finally sorted and put away and that made Dr. Keiku’s day. In celebration she was munching on a bowlful of gagh flavored tuber-root crisps – nutritious and delicious – and flicking through the latest news in junk medical science. You know, the stuff they peddled in the civilian sector like genetically enhanced facial creams and designer tribbles. It was great read for a good snicker and technically within the realms of medical research. She had just finished an article on advancements in Tellarite cosmetic tusk-shining, and flipped to the next article where she nearly inhaled a tuber-root crisp down the wrong pipe.

“Holy shit! You’re kidding me!” She exclaimed, quite loudly, into the main Sickbay.

The other Doctor on duty was the always vaguely amused for a Vulcan Dr. Suvek who arched a brow and peered up from his intensive study of the crew medical records for those coming up for a medical re-assessment. “It is generally considered illogical to require divine intervention for defecation.” He remarked mildly. That’s what happened when you had Vulcans hanging around with this catty bunch for too long.

Tulla coughed and looked over at him. “I mean the article, have you read this?!” She held a PADD up and waved it at him. “They genetically engineered a teacup targ. Teacup. Targ.”

She turned the PADD around to show him pictures of an absolutely adorable and not very vicious looking miniature Targ, complete with a designer collar. Suvek had the good graces to arch a very skeptical brow.

“Targs can grow up to 115kg on the standard. Have they accomplished this by stunting its growth?” Suvek admitted that yes, he was in fact curious about this, if only to know the science behind it.

Tulla shook her head, getting more and more absorbed in the article. “Nope…it’s genetically engineered with an accelerated evolution process. The first three generations were lab created, but now they can be bred as their own species… they don’t get over 15kg and the most valuable ones are under 10kg.”

“Fascinating.” Suvek returned glancing over the article and doing some research himself.

She let out a long, low whistle. “It’s kinda cute. And really wrong.” She waved her hand at the picture again. “That’s a targ, a majestic beast!”

Suvek held up a second article, filled with even more pictures, including holopictures. A holographic replica of a targ with softened features the size of a pug, snuggled up in a fluffy pink fuzzy bed snapped to life. “Apparently they also enjoy naps in soft bedding.” He added with as much Vulcan gravitas as he could muster.

“That’s wrong.” Tulla shook her head. “That is just wrong.” She paused and then looked over towards Suvek. “Where do they sell these things.” When he gave her a very skeptical look she held her hands up in the air and added, “Come on, for science, of course!


Location: Marine Offices

“She don’t wanna see no doctors.” A young 2nd Lieutenant who was tending the armory had locked up the weapon he was cleaning to provide a makeshift barricade to the teal-clad Andorian in the doorway. “Specially if you come buggin’ her down here.”

He was a good kid, but not the best at recognizing when to follow rank over when to follow his marine commander. His loyal was to Thytos first and foremost and really the only person beyond Kass that he felt had any merit was Captain Kane. Perhaps this was why the young kid was still a 2nd Lieutenant.

Fortunately the doctor at the doorstep wasn’t interested in a fight. “I’m not here as a doctor, I’m here as a friend.”



Aerdan let that sink in for a few moments before adding, “If you could please let Major Thytos know that Aerdan Jos would like to speak to her.”

Kid didn’t recognize the blue guy. But he would leave it to Major Thytos on whether or not she recognized -or wanted to talk to – the blue guy. Maybe he was a bit surprised when recognition was sparked and she told him it was ok for the blue guy to come on in. He’d log that for later. Teal people bad, ‘cept Eve and the Klingon girl and now the blue guy. Got it.

Aerdan was patient and polite as ever, moving forward into Major Thytos office space, tipping his antennae downwards in respect. “Major, you are looking well.”

“Doctor.” She levelled back, doublechecking her sensors to make sure it was him. “What in bloody hell brought you back here. I thought you had it good over at Starfleet medical?”

“Do you want the long answer or the short answer?” He asked mildly.

“The short one.” She tossed back.

“I was bored” He shrugged lightly and found himself a seat.

Kass paused for a moment and started to laugh. It was a pretty good laugh, not a full on belly laugh, but enough that it released some of the tension in her shoulders. “Hot damn. What sort of messed up idiots are we that being bored means ‘hey let’s hop onboard the most dangerous ship in the galaxy and try not to die?’ I mean I’m pretty stuck here, but you> You had an out and here you are back again. I’m not expert, Jos but I think you should check yourself into Eve’s office like yesterday.”

“I’ll certainly speak to her shortly.” He said amicably. “But first I wanted to connect with you. Rumor has it that Dr. Pauli is onboard and you’re not enjoying his presence.”

“Well that’s the understatement of the century.” Kass tossed back. “Don’t know if you read the intended procedure but he wants to guinea-pig me to promote the Daystrom institute’s cybernetics. He even brought an entire fanclub of undergrads to watch.”

Aerdan’s antennae inclined to that statement. While the procedure was solidly researched and certainly beneficial, he absolutely empathized with her on the matter of having it recorded and witnessed. He didn’t believe in medicine for show or profit, only medicine for the good of the patient.

“I have read Dr. Pauli’s work, I’m familiar with it.” He asserted.

Kass folded her arms across her chest. “Well he can’t do his work if he doesn’t get permission from his patient.”

Aerdan leaned forward slightly, focusing his attention on Kass. “Tell me, is your biggest objection to this procedure the procedure, or Dr. Pauli’s fanclub?”

She harrumphed. “Both.”

He spread his hands out in front of him in a gesture that indicated ‘go on’

Kass sucked in a long, slow breath and shook her head. “You’re lucky I like you. This isn’t exactly a subject I’m happy talking about.”

“I got lucky working beside Cade, he always made me look good in comparison.” He offered a light smile to go with the gentle dig at himself. It was just enough to make Kass shake her head and relax a little bit more.

“So I don’t like his fanclub, I don’t want to be taped or recorded or used as an example for his students and I don’t want his students poking around in my body or my brain. That’s skeevy you know?” She shook her head as if she was shaking spiders out of her hair.

“I don’t blame you one bit for feeling that way. In fact I would feel the same if any medical operation was preformed upon me.” He gently validated her feelings, antennae curled gently downwards. “But the operation itself?”

She shook her head. “Aerdan, what if he fucks up my net? How long will it take me to get used to it again? How much pain and disorientation and nausea and vomiting will I go through?”

Taking a long, slow breath in, he tilted his head towards her. “All very valid fears. Those fears can be mitigated by understanding of the procedure. Your original net installation surgery required those nets to be carefully connected to live nerve endings and that is what forced an extended recovery and re-learning period. That’s true for any connection between a biological and non-biological interface. This procedure is an upgrade of those nets without touching the fragile biological connections in your body. That will greatly decrease recovery time.”

“Are you sure about that?” She started, giving him a side-eye.

“I’m a neurosurgeon.” He offered back evenly. “I’ve thoroughly read Pauli’s work and his proposal.” He paused and unknowingly reinforced one of the things Eve Dalziel had told her already. “A proposal which is flexible. You have a voice in what enhancements and changes you want done to your sensors.”

Kass harrumphed, unwilling to admit that she had started a wishlist already. “Are you gonna be there?”

“Yes.” He inclined both antennae towards her. “And if you like I’ll advocate for you.”

She gave another harrumph and almost said ‘I don’t need an advocate’ but caught the words before they left her lips. He was a neurosurgeon and knew stuff about brain chemistry that she simply didn’t know and couldn’t hope to know. “So how does that work.”

“Make me a wishlist and a fears list. Be honest with me – I won’t share it with Dr. Pauli, but I’ll enforce whatever I can to help you feel comfortable about this.” Despite his soft, lisping voice, his tone was absolutely firm.

Kass eyed him. She almost wanted to call him on it. Almost. Dr. Jos was one of the most absolutely stubborn (in a good way) people she had ever met. Almost as stubborn as she was. “I wanna see you well before 1300 so we have a plan of action.”

He smirked gently. “Is this a hostile takeover?”

“Damn well might be.” She leaned back and then stabbed a finger at him. “Oh, and you owe me a drink afterwards providing I come out in one piece enough to drink it.”

“If you don’t I’ll bottle feed you.” He offered sweetly.

“Get the fuck out of my officer before I shoot you.” Kass returned with a harsh tone, sure but a smile that said ‘I still love you.’

Aerdan got up, offered her a smile back and tipped his antennae at her. “Then I’ll see you at 0900. You can pick where you want to catch breakfast.”


Jamie LeBlanc
Lt Commander Aerdan Jos
Chief Surgeon
USS Phoenix

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck


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