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Train The Trainers

Posted on Jun 07, 2020 @ 4:26am by Lieutenant Tulla Keiku
Edited on on Jun 07, 2020 @ 4:27am

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer

“Train the Trainers”

(continued from Jaime’s "Hard Bargain")


The purpose of today’s training is to defeat yesterday’s understanding.
-Miyamoto Musahi


Stardate: [2.20] 0606.2300
Scene: Corridor -> Cargo Bay 2

“Do you have a family?” Aerdan Jos asked as he was carrying the hyposprays. He felt rather protective of the crate of hyposprays; rather ridiculous but here he was sheltering them from a fellow doctor.

Tulla, who was carrying her own crate of assorted equipment including med kits, snorted at the question. “No, I was replicated into being,” she said.

Aerdan didn’t visibly react except for some rather imperceptible twitching. Only those closest to him would know what that meant. “Good to know my fellow doctor is a literal vegetable,” he said after a beat.

Shaking her head at that the woman admitted. “I am married.” Before Jos could ask she continued on, “Devak is now the Executive Officer of the USS HERA.”

Aerdan nodded at that; he understood how hard it was to be neutral when it came to family. Starfleet allowed for families to be together, trusting in its people that they would raise their hand (metaphorically) if they couldn’t handle it. It seemed that Tulla and--

A thought hit the Andorian surgeon...that name Tulla said sounded very Vulcan. I mean he couldn’t be sure but unless it was a covert ship (and it probably wasn’t if she told him the name) then he could go look up the ship. He had so many questions, but he kept those to himself. Mostly.

Instead as the Klingon/Betazoid woman looked at him he just cleared his throat he said, “I understand it’s hard to be separated from your family.” When Tulla gave him a look he said, “My spouse has her own work that separates us.”

For a moment, Aerdan thought he saw something soften in Tulla’s face out of the corner of his eye.

Then they walked into Cargo Bay 2 and all softening stopped.

Dr. Bartlett greeted them with a wide smile. “Welcome!” Turning to the Andorian he said, “Dr. Jos, I heard you were here--”

As the two go re-acquainted, Tulla dropped off her crate with the other medical equipment. Looking around she inspected what had come so far, where everything was when she heard behind her. {{Dr. Keiku, everything's in its place as designated by Dr. Bartlett.}}

“That’s nice but if the rest of us can’t find it then what does that matter,” Tulla said to Byte as he stood next to her. Not minding that the Android was hovering at her shoulder, she started haphazardly rearranging things to her preferred method, not asking the other doctors.

{{Dr. Keiku, perhaps you did not understand me--}} Byte began.

“You spoke perfect Federation Standard,” Tulla replied.

{{I know. I am also programmed in over 200 other languages including your native tongues of Klingon and Betazed if you prefer to converse in those,}} Byte continued on.

Medkit flying to the right, hypospray to the left. “Byte, speak in all 200 languages. I am still re-arranging this contraption we’re calling a Sickbay,” Tulla said. Whirling around, the Klingon/Betazoid brandished a scanner as if it was a bat’leth. “I realize this is of little importance to you, but if things are not in a place that we can find them, then people’s lives are on the line. That means people will die because I can’t find a damn scanner or the right hypospray.”

Byte stood there for .02 seconds before saying. {{On the contrary, Dr. Keiku, I am programmed to prioritize the health and well-being of people’s lives over almost every other obstacle.}}

Tulla stood there and tapped the scanner in the palm of her hand. Before she could continue to press Byte, the Android continued on.

{{However, today I need to know where the equipment is.}}


{{Today I am giving all of the Medical Staff a training on the HCARS system,}} Byte explained. {{You will be one of the first on the PHOENIX to have this upgraded training. After this training, it is expected then that you will train others as they come into Sickbay. Essentially you will be trainers as well.}}


Jos and Bartlett both heard the yell from Keiku and came over. “What seems to be the issue over here?” Bartlett asked calmly.

Byte turned to Dr. Bartlett. {{I explained to Dr. Keiku the plan that the Medical Staff would be the first to train. As such they would then have the opportunity to train the rest of the ship since the medical staff has universal access to the staff.}}

Tulla glared at the men. “We are not trainers,” she growled.

“What he says makes sense,” Dr. Bartlett pointed out. “We do see most of the ship.”

Aerdan Jos stood there, standing still. “When would we train?” Looking at Byte he said, “Think of check-up: there’s the interview with the patient where we’re gathering and confirming information including medical history and lifestyle choices and any recent activities. Then there’s the diagnostic portion of the visit where we’re analyzing and formulating a plan for the patient. Then finally at the end we’re reviewing that plan with our patient.” Pausing for a moment he said as his antenna tilted slightly, “If we have a surgery it is more intense and hurried.”

Tulla glared at Byte. “We are not trainers. We already have jobs.” Pausing she said, “We also prioritize the health of the people here.”

{{And well-being,}} Byte included.

“Optional,” Tulla muttered.

If the Android could have sighed, he would have. Instead he said, {{Your profiles made you perfect candidates for training. I train you, you train your patients, they go onto to train their colleagues. The HCARS training would be completed within the expected timeframe if not sooner.}}

Bartlett cleared his throat and said, “Perhaps instead of looking for people who see the most people...maybe find trainers who deal well with change and who have the training themselves to deal with all kinds of people and enjoy that--”

Tulla glared at the CMO. “Dr. Bartlett thinks you should find people who actually like people.”

Aerdan Jos may have choked on a snort at that, it was hard to say. Instead the Andorian cleared his throat and said, “The Medical staff is primarily here for the physical health.” After a pause he did say, “We will come to training.”

Tulla glared at the man. “We will?” As the other two looked back at her she flung the scanner behind her so it knocked over a crate. “Fine, we will.”

Bartlett looked over as an avalanche of equipment came crashing down. “How did you do that?”

“Practice,” Tulla admitted

Byte ignored the Medical staff and appeared to be doing some calculations. {{Based upon your recommendations, it would appear I am going to the Counseling Center to ask them to lead Training. Thank you for this recommendation.}}

As Byte left, Bartlett asked, “Should we warn them?”

“No one warned us,” Aerdan pointed out. Looking around the Cargo Bay he looked almost disappointed. “We just cleaned up Sickbay and now we have to clean up here.”

Tulla looked around, shrugging her shoulders. “Looks fine to me.” When Aerdan gave her a look she rolled her eyes. “Fine, we’ll clean up.”


NRPG: Every new system upgrade always has training so I thought I’d start to tackle that. I just have this image of Byte wandering around to each department asking “Will you lead the HCARS training?” and everyone going “Not it!” LOL

Jaime: Hope I did ok.


Sarah Albertini-Bond
Ambassador Xana Bonviva


Dr. Tulla Keiku, LT


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