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Jasmine, Wei, and Fun With Friends

Posted on Jun 03, 2020 @ 8:20am by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Edited on on Jun 03, 2020 @ 8:20am

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer

“Jasmine, Wei and Fun with Friends”

(contd from ‘Mutiny in Drydock’)

SD: [2.20] 0602.2257
Scene: Jasmine’s office, deck 39, Drive section
TI: Before Benito’s kidnapping

Jasmine yawned, rubbing the back of her neck as she leaned forward in her chair. It was the end of her shift and the young woman was looking forward to an evening of relaxation, starting with an hour of yoga and later dinner in the Vulgar Tribble. She was going to take full advantage of the peace and quiet as the following morning, the engineers from the starbase were going to swarm all over the ship to commence work on the new HCARS system. For the better part of the year, the ship was going to be crowded and noisy, making her wonder if they would be able to any work done at all. She looked at her computer console for one last time as the next day, the technicians would commence removing all LCARS workstations on this deck.

The new HCARS system was going to take some time to getting used to but she didn’t mind. Yu, while not an engineer, wasn’t really averse to the introduction of new technology. She was, however, concerned over the security of this new system and one of the questions in her head was how easy would it be for an enemy spy to hack into the system. She sighed, glancing at the PADDS, lying in front of her. Those PADDs contained details of the new security protocols and training manuals, related to the HCARS system.

Lots of reading, Jasmine sighed. She and Procter would be fine with sitting down and reading everything. Silsby, on the other hand, didn’t seem like a big fan of reading, especially something as dry as protocols or regulations. He seemed like a man of action and there were likely others like him in the department. She might have to think out of the box a little, when it came to training her staff on the new protocols as well as operating the new HCARS system.

Having completed the last of the departmental reports, the Sec/Tac stood up, stretched her arms and then looked to her side. A warm smile crossed her lips, when her gaze fell on Wei, curled up in her dog bed, sound asleep. The puppy looked so adorable and peaceful. Yu wasn’t keen on waking the corgi up but at the same time couldn’t leave her alone at the office.

Sighing, she turned around, walking up to the dog bed. The Asian bent down and gently picked up the puppy. She nearly slipped, struggled to hold onto the corgi. Wei squirmed but still remained asleep. **She is growing. ** After standing to an upright position, puppy in her arms, the raven haired woman turned on her heel and made her way towards the door.


Scene: The Vulgar Tribble
TI: After ‘Mutiny in Drydock’ and before the kidnapping

The conversation between the five women had moved beyond consideration of a mutiny to other topics – many of which were light-hearted and trivial like if anyone caught the latest blockbuster holo-movie or making fun of the intergalactic pop idols and their overzealous fans. Jasmine smiled, taking another sip of the delicious sunset-like iced tea – Iphie really was a genius. She looked around, it was nice though chatting with fellow officers off-duty, when she rarely had the opportunity to do so on the Phoenix. It reminded her of the times she had spent with some crewmates, also close friends, back when she used to serve on the Camelot.

Speaking of which, it had been a while since she had last kept in touch with some of her former crewmates and friends from her old ship. Yu wondered how Meera, her best friend and the Camelot’s chief engineer was doing. She was hoping to catch up with her, when the Phoenix was docked at Earth, prior to the dreadnaught’s mission involving searching for the SATET. But the Camelot was away on a mission at the time so she wasn’t able to arrange for a reunion. Perhaps, she could try catching up over a subspace call this time as the HCARS upgrade was going to keep the Phoenix at drydock for months.

She heard Tulla talk, the frustration evident in her voice. “I guess it’s different with every Captain. Not all of them are going to be approachable with an open door policy.”

Jasmine picked up a fried, crispy rice ball with a cheese and marinara sauce filling from a small plate that one of the Bynares had put out. She took a bite off it, revelling in the taste of the delicacy. “Honestly, I’ve never seen a Captain with an open door policy. They seem like a rarity in the fleet.”

“Well, they exist,” Keiku remarked, followed by a low growl, finishing up the last of her blood wine. “And on my last ship, they willingly even submit to their regular physicals.” Iphie promptly placed another glass for the half-Klingon woman. She also did the same for Kass and Eve.

“Okay,” Kass commented, gulping down her drink. “Didya’ll just circle back to the Capn’ conversation again?”

Jasmine sighed, taking another sip. “I’ve only ever served under a total of two COs throughout my entire eight year Starfleet career.”

“Eight years!” Thytos quickly placed the shot glass down with a thud. “Yer makin mah feel old.”

“And yet young at heart,” Eve quipped, grinning as the Counselor was relaxed and loosened up. She looked over at the Sec/Tac. “Let me guess, Jasmine. Your previous CO didn’t have an open-door policy."

“Yeah, Jasmine. Like yer ole CO wasn’t like mah door’s always open, so ya’ll are welcome to pour yer feelins kinda Cap’n?”

“No.” The Asian shook her head, grabbing another cheese ball and roasted vegetable potslicker. “Captain Spankryz was definitely not the chit chat type. You can’t just waltz right into her space unless you have a good reason – a reason that only involves ship’s business.” She took in a deep breath. “So no pouring your heart and soul conversations to her.”

“Well, don’t tell me she’s the type to neglect vital things in life like say, a physical,” Tulla chimed in, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

Yu shrugged, wondering how the conversation led to a discussion about her previous CO. “I don’t know about physicals but it was no secret she has a bit of an aversion to counseling.”

“And why am I not surprised,” Eve quipped dryly, picking up her glass of warp core. “Then again, in my experience, there are many who are averse to visiting a counselor.”

“Yeah,” Iphie said, placing more plates and replacing Yu’s glass with a new one. “Well, Anaqueen has always been so serious for as long as I’ve known her. My siblings and I have often tried to get her to loosen up and have fun.”

“I can’t really picture her loosening up and having fun,” Jasmine said, amazed at how casually the Bolian hybrid referred to her old Captain by her first name. “By the way, Iphie. I never asked. But how did you first meet Captain Spankryz?”

“Well, Xana, my sister as you know,” the chef/bartender replied. “She served under Anaqueen’s command but my lips are sealed so can’t say anything further on the subject.”

“Of course, I understand.” Jasmine nodded, recalling that Spankryz’s first command was highly classified, where even the Starfleet vessel’s (USS PROPHECY) name was redacted from the Trill’s public record. “Her first command was a top secret assignment.”

“Probably a starship assigned under Starfleet Intelligence,” Dalziel said in a quiet voice, grinning. “So yes, Iphie’s right to keep her lips sealed.”

“Well,” Jasmine said, smiling. “Captain Spankryz is a private person, maintains a professional distance from the crew and that is perfectly fine.”

“Absolutely,” Eve concurred. “A captain has a right to privacy and space just like anyone else here.”

“Ah’ll agree to that,” Kass seconded, finishing up another shot of her drink. “So ya’ll better give mah some space.” Following the comment, the five women laughed. The MCO turned to the Sec/Tac. “So Yu, ready for our joint trainin session tomorrow?”

“You mean, the joint security and marine session,” Jasmine said, smiling. “Oh very much so. We haven’t done one in a long time.”

“Wait!” Keiku exclaimed, suddenly enveloped by excitement. “Are you two planning to spar?”

“Ya and we plan on whooping Yu and security’s butts.”

The Asian grinned. “Don’t count on it. My people are more than ready for you, Major.”

“That sounds like fun,” Tulla said, now scowling.

“Ya wanna join, doctor?” Kass asked, arching her brow. “I hear ya like to hit things.”

“It’s definitely preferable to talking.” The aCMO sighed, sipping her drink and grabbing a handful of snacks. The conversations continued for most of the night with everyone chatting cheerfully about various subjects and people.

NRPG: A short post. I have more scenes planned but will write them out in another post that I hope will come out soon :)

Ranjani S.
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Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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