Specifications - USS Discovery (destroyed)

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"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." - Andre Gide


Class Investigator
Role Deep Space Explorer


Length 442 metres
Width 243 metres
Height 136 metres
Decks 27


Officers 29
Enlisted Crew 197
Civilians 6
Emergency Capacity 1000


Cruise Speed Warp 7.2
Maximum Speed Warp 9.99998
Emergency Speed Warp 9.999999999
Engines Impulse Propulsion System (IPS):
- Type: Omni-directional Sublight

Warp Propulsion System (WPS):
- Type: Static Warp/Transwarp
* Bussard Collectors: Wide Range Collectors Mark Ib

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Deflector Shield Systems:
- Type: Mark IX Multiphasic (Nested)
* Enhancement(s):
- Mark VI Metaphasic Shielding Units
Weapons Phaser Systems:
- Type: Mark XIII
* Total: 7 banks 3 fore, 2 aft, 1 starboard, 1 port
* Maximum Effective Range: 500,000 km

Plasma Cannon Systems:
- Type: Mark II Point Defense Emplacements
* Total: 6 turrets 2 fore, 2 aft, 1 starboard, 1 port
* Maximum Effective Range: 500 km

Quantum Torpedo Systems:
- Type: Mark XI Seeking/Direct
* Total: 2 tubes - 1 fore, 1 aft
* Maximum Effective Range: 4,700,000 km
Other Systems Bio-regenerative Hull Matrix:
* Type: Mark III

- Personnel Transporters: 7
- Emergency Transporters: 3
- Cargo Transporters: 3

- Main: 3
- Personal: 5

Main Processors:
* Type: Mark XV
- Total: 1
Dedicated Sub-Processors:
* Type: Mark VII
- Total:4
* Primary Sickbay
* Primary Detention Center
* Main Bridge
* Main Engineering

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays Shuttlebays:
- Total: 2
2 fore, 1 aft
Shuttles Type 15 Shuttlepods: 2
SS MARPLE (fore)
SS WOLFE (aft)
- Type 6a Armed Personnel Shuttles: 4
- Type 9a Cargo Shuttles: 1
- Type 21 EVAs: 6
Runabouts Euphrates-class Runabouts: 3
USS FORTH (NCC-86777) (Bay-1)
USS DNIEPER (NCC-86951) (Bay-2)
USS NILE (NCC-86701) (Bay-3)


General Notes In the first decade of the 25th century, the galaxy united to fight off the threat of an extra-galactic race known as the Kem D'Neel. During this war the Starfleet Spacecraft Design Advisory Committee (SSDAC) first laid plans for a new type of starship which could serve as a mobile platform for intelligence and diplomatic missions. Following the end of the war in 2412 the project was cancelled.

In 2417 the SSDAC re-opened the project, changing the proposed mission focus of the Investigator-class from Intelligence to Exploration. Ten starships were constructed according to new designs, omitting a proposed cloaking device in favour of enhanced sensors, a new probe complement, and a modern stellar cartography system.

The Investigator-class has been Starfleet's most successful long-range explorator yet, combining high speed, strong defensive systems and a state-of-the-art computer system into one package.

The one weakness of the design was the need for four nacelles to power the ship. Designers temporarily solved the problem by dramatically increasing the number of shield generators to the stern, but this was not regarded as a long term solution. When the USS DISCOVERY was reactivated in 2429, heavy ablative armour was added around the nacelles for extra protection.
Technology Notes Number in Service: 9
* USS INVESTIGATOR, NCC-12000 (in service)
* USS DISCOVERY, NCC-12001 (in service)
* USS HORIZON, NCC-12002 (in service)
* USS PIONEER, NCC-12003 (in service)
* USS ENDEAVOUR, NCC-12004 (in service)
* USS CHALLENGER, NCC-12005 (in service)
* USS EXPLORER, NCC-12006 (in service)
* USS TRAILBLAZER, NCC-12007 (in service)
* USS FRONTIER, NCC-12008 (in service)
* USS PATHFINDER, NCC-12009 (in service)
Deck Listing -Deck 1: Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Stellar Cartography, Conference Lounge
-Deck 2: VIP Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters
-Deck 3: Shuttlebay 1, Shuttlebay 2, Quantum Topedo Launcher
-Deck 4: Observation Lounge, Weapons Locker
-Deck 5: Junior Officer's Quarters
-Deck 6: Primary Sickbay, Crew Quarters
-Deck 7: Gymnasium, Ship's Barber
-Deck 8: Main Shuttle Bay (3), Shuttlecraft Maintenance Center
-Deck 9: Security Center, Science Center 1 & 2
-Deck 10: Hydroponic Labs & Arboretum, Primary Science Labs
-Deck 11: Main Holodecks, Personnel Transporters, Quantum Torpedo Launchers
-Deck 12: Environmental Control, Waste Management
-Deck 13: Cargo Bay, Cargo Transporters
-Deck 14: "Journey's End" - Lounge, Crew Quarters
-Deck 15: Crew Quarters
-Deck 16: Cargo Bay, Cargo Transporters
-Deck 17: Deuterium Fuel Storage
-Deck 18: Impulse Propulsion System
-Deck 19: Marine Quarters
-Deck 20: Primary Detention Center, Secondary Detention Center
-Deck 21: Personnel Transporters, Conference Lounge
-Deck 22: Computer Core Access, Main Engineering
-Deck 23: Cargo Bay, Cargo Transporters, Heavy Weaponry Storage
-Deck 24: Medical Lab, Xenobiology Lab
-Deck 25: Personnel Transporters, Secondary Sickbay, Emergency Triage Ward
-Deck 26: Antimatter Generation, Secondary Science Labs
-Deck 27: Landing Leg Control Room, Antimatter Containment

-Emergency Escape Pods: Decks 3-6, 12-17, 24, 26