Dahlia Bonviva-McInnis

Name Dahlia Alix Bonviva-McInnis

Position Civilian

Second Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian (25%), Bajorian (37.5%), Human (37.5%)
Age 13

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light brown-gold
Physical Description Pale blue skin, blonde hair, gold eyes, Bajoran nose, and a big smile with dimples.


Father Commander Gene McInnis, deceased
Mother Xana Bonviva
Brother(s) Benito William Bonviva-Crichton (half-brother)
Other Family Jacob Crichton (stepfather)
Gavirosh “Gavi” Bonviva (step-brother)
Erika Wangel-Byrne (step-sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dahlia adores her stepfather, tends to roll her eyes at her mother, lets her younger brother follow her around and is cautious around most adults at first and having been in harm’s way more often than not or is the subject of most fascination. However, she’s innately curious, especially about technology.
Hobbies & Interests Playing, following her stepfather around to learn about engineering

Personal History Dahlia has already visited more places than most adults, as when she was a baby, she was often with her mother when her mother went traveling on various diplomatic jaunts and then latter as the CO's daughter on the USS MCINNIS. Currently she lives with her mother and stepfather on the USS PHOENIX. Dahlia has been subjected to adults’ curiosity about her due to who her parents’ are/were; as a result she’s tended to be a bit more cautious around them. However, she enjoys hanging out with Jake Crichton in Engineering (and has from a young age) or has enjoyed the “projects” he’s brought home for her.