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Evangeline “Sedna” Montoya

Name Evangeline “Sedna” Montoya

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Evangeline is a Terran woman with scraggly hair that's various lengths – the longest of which reaches the nape of her neck. She clearly works out and takes pride in being fit, in spite of her massive drinking and smoking. She had a tattoo of a the goddess Sedna (a dark haired mermaid) along the length of her right bicep and tribal symbols that go around her left bicep.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Simon Montoya - whereabouts unkown
Mother Kezia Smythe Montoya - 71, dishonorably discharged from SF, currently works as a pilot on a SOL-system transport
Brother(s) * Brother: Cmdr. Jesse Montoya, 47, CSec/Tac, USS BEOWULF
* Brother: Lt. Jose Montoya, OPS, 44, USS NAZGUL

Personality & Traits

General Overview Evangeline “Sedna” Montoya is not a girlie-girl – she's much more of a tomboy and rough around the edges socially. She's more inclined to fight than to talk, fond of bawdy and inappropriate jokes, and often just speaks her mind with little thought of the consequences. Fiercely loyal to those friends she actually keeps. She prefers to go by “Sedna” or “Montoya” rather than Evangeline.
Strengths & Weaknesses see above
Ambitions To survive and have a good time
Hobbies & Interests Drink, carouse, and more or less do the right thing (whatever she thinks that is).

Personal History Growing up the youngest of 3, with two older brothers, made Evangeline much more inclined to be a tomboy and as a result she's much more comfortable in a rough-and-tumble atmosphere than a refined one. She prefers spending her time drinking, carousing, and having a good time to cover up the massive problems she has. Montoya has mostly served as pilot or Security on missions, which suits her just fine.

Since the Academy and all throughout her career she's operated under the idea that everyone is entitled to her unfiltered opinions and actions, which has often gotten her in trouble.

During the 2nd mission of the PENDRAGON, Montoya was kidnapped by Romulans never to be heard from again.


Towers: Good job protecting me.
Montoya: Bite me.
Towers: What did you say?
Montoya: Bite me…*sir*.
-from “Reason for Being”

Montoya: Hey I've been good -- I haven't been in the brig in a few months!
-from “Not Coming to the Oxderlinjk”

Montoya: The moon may kiss the stars so high, the sun may kiss the bright blue sky, the dew may kiss the morning grass, but you, my friend, can kiss my ass. End transmission.
-from “The Weight of Mistakes”
Service Record [/\] STARFLEET INFORMATION [/\]

Current Assignment: Unknown
Current Position: Unknown
Starfleet Rank: Lieutenant

* None
Service Ribbons:
* None
Starfleet History:
* Entered Starfleet Academy: 2415
* Graduated SFA: 2419
* Completed ACT: 2419
* Assigned to the GATEWAY STATION-2: 2419
* Promoted to Ensign: 2419
* Promoted to Lieutenant J.G.: 2422
* Demoted to Ensign: 2423
* Promoted to Lieutenant J.G.: 2423
*Assigned to USS PENDRAGON: 21.00105

NOTE: There are several arrests and stays in the brig, along with notes of formal disciplining that's had to happen. Prior to that there's a long list of demerits from her Academy days.

Education Education:
Academy Major: Flight Control
Academy Minor: Security