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Raxl Dreyton

Name Raxl Dreyton

Position Civilian

Second Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 208 lbs
Hair Color Brown (Graying)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He has the physique of a trained soldier. His hair is often shaggy, and he usually wears a stubbly beard. He has several scars on his body, and each one has its own story that he will always tell (even if you've heard it before). He's ruggedly handsome, and likes to think of himself as a lady-killer.


Mother Matilda Dreyton (retired)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Place of Birth: AMARAZ 4
Citizenship: United Federation of Planets
Favorite Drink: Beer, Whiskey
Preferred Food: Steak
Strengths & Weaknesses Raxl is a trained Federation marine. He's been in combat zones more times than he can count, and received two Purple Stars before he was discharged. He's good with most weaponry, skilled at unarmed combat, knowledgeable of tactics and battlefield strategy, and knows how to keep a cool head under fire. Also, years spent as a bounty hunter on the outskirts of Federation territory have made him a skilled tracker, pilot, and negotiator.

Raxl will always be a little rough around the edges, always a little to quick to run his mouth, and always a little less aware of collateral damage than he should be. He wants to be a good man, and usually has good intentions, but he lives life like it's an open bar. People who get close to him often get hurt, either due to his lifestyle or simply his thoughtless behavior. He's an easy man to like, but people usually distance themselves from him after they've known him awhile. Raxl is something of a toxic friend, with a nasty habit of taking advantage of the people around him. He's often unaware of the damage he does to others.
Ambitions To scrape together another credits to get by (and send some home to his mama)
Hobbies & Interests Drinking, gambling, and women, not necessarily in that order.

Personal History Bounty Hunting may not be exactly approved by the Federation, but Raxl tends to stay far enough away from Federation space that legal troubles rarely crop up. When they do, Raxl is always careful to play by the rules- he doesn't think of himself as a criminal, and won't take contracts on anyone who isn't wanted by a legitimate law-enforcement organization. He used to be a Federation Marine, but he was dishonorably discharged- he won't talk about why. He's friendly enough, the type of guy who might buy you a drink in a bar. But pray that you never find yourself with a price on your head- Raxl will stop at nothing to collect, and he's very good at what he does.

Raxl Dreyton joined the Federation marines as soon as he came of age, and spent much of his youth in the service. He saw combat on a dozen worlds, proved himself to his superiors, and was well-liked by his squadmates. Raxl has always had an extroverted personality, and he's the kind of man that others seem to gravitate towards, especially at a party or in a backwater dive-bar. Raxl earned several promotions and was cited several times for bravery under fire and unconvetional tactics. He also earned two Purple Stars during his time in the marines.

Much of Raxl's record is classified, though that hasn't stopped him from spinning tales of his youthful exploits. What is know is that Raxl eventually was given a command, but after the events of a mission to liberate a captured city of ALTAIR 5 (where Raxl commanded a young marine named Alexander Towers), Raxl was court-martialed, stripped of his rank and awards, and kicked out of the service. Raxl faded from the scene for a few years after that, until finally resurfacing as a bounty-hunter and general ne'er-do-well living on the outskirts of Federation space.

Raxl loves to tell stories about his time in the marines, but he doesn't talk about ALTAIR 5.

Raxl’s work as a bounty hunter has him ranging far and wide. He collected a bounty on wanted criminal Martin Anders, and attempted to collect the bounty of Starfleet Captain Sophie Lovelace. On a lighter note, he also performed the wedding ceremony for Kate MacNeil and Grace Poe aboard GATEWAY Station (though he was so drunk at the time that he doesn’t remember much of it).

Raxl doesn’t have a lot in the way of possessions, but he does have one he values almost as much as his own life: the BAD WOLF, a heavily-modified Runabout, with souped-up warp-engines, powerful shielding, and state-of-the-art phasers. The cockpit has a pilot’s chair, co-pilot’s chair (that’s been modified with retractable flexi-metallic cables to restrain unruly prisoners), and a replicator mounted in the wall towards the rear. A tiny hula-girl figurine rests in the center of the cockpit. Raxl has also been known to decorate the cockpit with Christmas-lights during the holiday season. The rear of the runabout is a cargo-bay converted to serves as living quarters. Raxl’s bed is back there, along with a table, closet, bathroom, effectively making the BAD WOLF his home. The ship is Raxl’s pride and joy, and he does his best to keep it in good condition.

Raxl usually works alone, though he has been known to occasionally partner with Brak, a Ferengi bounty hunter and occasional rival. The two don't seem to get along very well, but they've developed a mutual respect for each other.
Service Record [/\] STARFLEET INFORMATION [/\]

-Classified Operations
-Awarded Purple Star twice
-Dishonorable discharge, UFP Marine Corps
-Last military rank: Major, UFP Marine Corps