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Selyara Chen

Name Selyara Chen

Position Director

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Betazed
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 175
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Long waist length hair in a topknot, her eyes are hard, calculating. Her mouth a little cruel, though you can tell from the edges that it used to know how to smile. There's no softness about her, from the way she holds herself, to the way she speaks.


Father Erik Chen, 70, schoolteacher
Mother Reisa Chen, 68, Captain of a UFP cargo ship, ESTRANGED
Sister(s) Lily Chen, 41, Starfleet Engineer, ESTRANGED
Other Family Deceased biological parents
Paternal grandfather on Vulcan
Jasmine Chen-Edwards, niece, 9

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eight years in prison have not been kind to Selyara- Before the events that lead to her incarceration she was kind, if a bit insecure despite commanding a star ship.

Now, bitterness has tempered her kindness and compassion, and the realization that she'd been manipulated and played into committing the act that sent her to the Jaros Stockade has strengthened her resolve to never be a victim again even if it means always striking the first blow and hurting others out of self interest.

Since escaping the stockade Selyara has begun to mellow a little bit. She's still caustic, but she's willing to make awkward attempts at empathy and being honest with people. She's still getting used to "being herself" with people, instead of one of her dozens of aliases.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- She's good at getting what she wants, either through manipulation or straight out taking what she wants if she can't get it through subtlety. She's smart, adaptable, and able to assimilate large amounts of information and find patterns in it. She is a powerful touch telepath, though she prefers to use this ability sparingly. She is able to use her abilities to 'thinkstrike' an opponent (similar to a Vulcan neck pinch, but requiring the briefest of skin to skin contact. She's able to assume and discard identities and personalities at the drop of a hat, a useful talent for gathering information and blending into crowds.

Weaknesses- Not very trusting and she is prone to using and discarding people. She scared of meeting people she knew, especially those who knew her well, because she doesn't necessarily like what she's become, and old friends force her to see the disconnect between who she was and what she is. Underneath her hard exterior Selyara is a mass of neuroses, fears, and insecurities. She skirts the fine line between sanity and total mental breakdown on a regular basis. She desperately wants to be liked, but is scared of rejection, so she tends to be purposely unlikable when she's 'being herself'
Ambitions Selyara collects information- the more she knows, the more leverage she has to get what she wants, the safer she is, and less likely to be played again.

She enjoys playing the game, and winning, though often her opponents don't even know there's a game being played.
Hobbies & Interests She's still figuring that out.

Personal History Until the age of seven, Selyara lived with her parents Seleg and Telandra on a Vulcan science center circling the planet ALDEBARAN III. This station was mainly populated by other Vulcan hybrids and interspecies couples whom, while striving to remain integrated with the Vulcan culture, had found the level of stigma attached to their choice in partners or parentage to be intolerable, and decided to create a community of their own. Unfortunately, as isolated as they were, they were a prime target for Orion pirates, who attacked the station and massacred the inhabitants before gutting the station for salvage. Not much is known about the precise details of the attack’s causalities due to the unwillingness of the Vulcans to acknowledge the half breeds.

Selyara herself does not remember the attacks. She was the sole survivor, and the Starfleet psychologists who talked to her diagnosed her with post trauma amnesia. Although her relatives were looked for on both VULCAN and BETAZED, there was no response, and no one came to claim her. Reisa, the leader of the relief team that found Selyara adopted her after she was discharged from the psychiatric facilities, mainly at the urging of her husband, Erik. The relationship between Selyara and her foster mother has always been strained. Reisa felt that Selyara was a disappointment, and expected a high standard from her as ‘payoff’ for adopting her into the family. Selyara floundered all through school, unable to make friends, inevitably falling in with less than savory crowds, and it came to a head when she nearly failed high school. The shock of that was enough to jolt her out of her self destructive behavior, and she turned to science.

Although she was contacted by her Vulcan grandfather in her late teens, she did not make the pilgrimage to VULCAN to learn the Kohlinar until she was nearly 23, after a relationship of hers broke up. Her control of her emotions was at best, sporadic, and, fearing the disappointment of her grandfather, she cut her training short and joined Starfleet. Since then, she has twice returned to Vulcan to complete her training, but has since rejected the teachings, though many of them are still apparent in her actions and philosophies.

She did well in Starfleet, obtaining the rank of Captain, but her career was short lived. During the course of a mission investigating a potent drug being sold by the Orion Syndicate, a Betazed woman named Telandra convinced Selyara that she was her long lost mother. Selyara, manipulated by the woman's telepathic powers and desperate for the lie to be true was convinced to sabotage the USS PATRIOT and allow her systems and weapons to be stripped by the Orion Syndicate to secure the freedom of her 'mother.'

She broke out of the Jaros Stockade where she was being imprisoned for treason in 2430, and proceeded to grudgingly assist in the overthrow of Admiral Richard Edgerton, for which she was granted a pardon.

Known aliases:
Aella Navarron
Mizithra Enaai
Magnolia Chang
Service Record Starfleet History:Edit

2410 Entered Starfleet Academy
2414[1.9]1208.1230 Entered ACT Program
2415[2.0]0224.0000 Graduated ACT Program
2415[2.0]0224.0000 Assigned to USS CENTURY, NCC-10000 as Assistant Ship's Counselor
2415[2.0]0718.2000 Assigned as Ship's Counselor
2415[2.0]1001.2000 Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
2416[2.1]0601.0000 Promoted to Lieutenant
2417[2.2]0117.0000 Assigned to USS DISCOVERY, NCC-12001 as Operations Officer
2418[2.3]0101.0000 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2418[2.3]0101.0000 Assigned as Executive Officer
2419[2.4]0301.0000 Promoted to Commander
2419[2.4]3107.2100 Awarded Calnarian Conflict Ribbon
2419[2.4]0914.0000 Transferred to USS PATRIOT, NCC-5781-A as Commanding Officer

Prisoner Number: 88717
Incarceration Date:
Release Date: 12.31.2550 (Life)
Charge Sheet:

High Treason
Aiding and Abetting the enemy
Sabotage of a Federation Starship (USS Patriot)
Theft of Federation Property
Unauthorized selling of Federation Equipment
Eluding Arrest
Endangering the life of 574 Starfleet personnel



Prisoner's Visitor Log:

Col. Bret Maverick
Erik Chen