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Lieutenant Commander Cade Foster

Name Cade Foster

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Light brown with lots of salt and pepper, slightly receding
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Scruffy slovenly human male, frequently sporting a stubbled chin


Spouse HA! Hahahahah...
Children none
Father Admiral Greg Foster ( 76) - Deceased
Mother Captain Lisa Foster - ( 74 ) - Deceased
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Grandfather - Commander Charles Foster, MD - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's rude and sarcastic. Though fiercely determined to solve
whatever medical or biological mystery he finds, very few of his patients are
ever inclined to say "thank you" after being exposed to his insulting beside
manner. Usually, the only people he honestly seems to like are small children.
They are naturally drawn to him as well - something he usually denies if any
other adults notice and call him on it. Most either love him or hate him.
Ambitions just to avoid a boring life...
Hobbies & Interests Beautiful women and medical mysteries.
Xenodiagnostics, Post-traumatic neuropharmacology, evolutionary
genetics, he's dabbled in all of them. If it's organic and broken - he
has atleast some idea how to fix it. Once it's fixed, the first thing
he wants to do is brag to a pretty girl about his brilliance.

Personal History He never tells the truth about his family life. He's told multiple
stories about his childhood - all of them conflicting. He was a
spoiled only child of well-respected Starfleet parents.

=/\= Medical Notes: =/\=

He lost his left leg in a shuttle crash 10 years ago, it was replaced
with a biosynthetic prosthetic. In a recent mission, he was accidentally
exposed to a near lethal dose of a biological toxin and his cardiovascular
systems were severely damaged. He had to have cardiac replacement
surgery. As a survivor of the classified "Andalusian Disaster" he suffered
further metabolic trauma through a Borg assimilation and the abrupt
unraveling of that rogue collective through a biomechanical virus created
by Dr. Aerdan Jos and Lt. Commander Peter Aspinall. Though he survived
in overall "fairly good health" - lingering metabolic deficits disqualified for him for full 'active duty' military status for over a year. Afterwards he served on the PATRIOT, GATEWAY and has now transferred to the PENDRAGON returning to his commission and rank.
Service Record Attended Starfleet Academy Medical: 2399.0912.1246
Graduated Starfleet Academy: 2404.0720.1300
Promoted: Ensign: 2404.0721.0900
Assigned:USS INVERNESS: 2404.0824.1345
Assigned:USS REPULSE: 2405.1245.0249
Promoted: Lieutenant JG: 2406.0612.2245
Assigned:USS AQUARIUS: 2407.1010.0947
Assigned:USS EIGHT FOLD PATH: 2408.0101.0004
Assigned:USS APOLLO-BAMBER: 2409.0131.0245
Promoted: Lieutenant: 2410.1203.1841
Assigned:USS BOREANZ: 2411.0124.1954
Assigned:USS ORINOGO: 2412.0522.1830
Assigned:USS URSULLA: 2413.0904.0434
Assigned:USS MACKENZIE: 2413.1221.1221
Assigned:USS ROMALOTTI-PAYNE: 2415.1028.1956
Assigned:USS OZARKS: 2416.1104.1957
Assigned:USS FORRESTER: 2417.1212.1908
Assigned:USS BAUER: 2418.0527.1447
Promoted: Lieutenant Commander: 2419.0404.1245
Assigned: USS PROPHECY CMO: 2419.0405.1300
Demoted to USS PROPHECY AMO: 2421 [2.6] 0818.1930
Awarded Purple heart after Cardiac replacement: 2422
[2.6] 1030.0500
Medical retirement granted: 2422 [ 2.7 ] 0311.1300
Reinstated at the rank of Lieutenant Commander: 2423 [2.8]1015.1300
Assigned:USS PATRIOT AMO 2423 [2.8]1015.1300
Assigned:USS PENDRAGON 2425 [2.10]0101.1200

Cade graduated top of his class at the academy, won numerous
academic awards, but also drove two of his teacher's to nervous break
down and one other one to early retirement. He's had three times more
transfers than the average officer because his personality can be so
abrassive. It's only through his genius IQ that he's managed to
achieve his current rank.

Education Academy Major: Medicine.
Academy Minor: Psychology
Additional Training:
Multiple Civilian PHD's in obscure fields related to Xenobiology.