Commander Sidney Bartlett

Name Sidney Bartlett

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 72

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description An older, gray-haired Human man entering the late stage of life. Bartlett is a pleasant, kind person who is always on hand with a pearl of wisdom.


Father Bernard Bartlett, deceased
Mother Margaret Bartlett, 107, retired interior designer
Brother(s) David, 71, prison officer
Michael, 66, cultural resource manager
Sister(s) Sheila Davies, 68, psychotherapist
Other Family Howard Davies, 69, brother-in-law
Amanda Bartlett, 40, niece, hydrologist
Ann Bartlett, 7, grand-niece, schoolchild
Latimer Bartlett, 37, nephew, financial advisor
Alfred Bartlett, 9, grand-nephew, schoolchild
Nigel Bartlett, 33, nephew, Ph.D candidate, Chemistry, University of Archanis
Ralph Bartlett, 29, nephew, barista
Juliette Davies, 39, niece, dentist
James Davies, 34, nephew, wannabe novelist
Brandon Davies, 32, nephew, public administrator
Alexander Davies, 6, grand-nephew, schoolchild
Emma Davies, 6, grand-niece, scholchild

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sidney Bartlett's personality is coloured by his decades of experience in Starfleet. It's difficult to know the real man, as he is a master of the bedside manner, effortlessly putting patients at ease with quiet, confident reassurance and clever anecdotes. He spends much of his off-duty time alone, but is generally accepted to be a pleasant, kindly older man who is always willing to lend an ear.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dr. Bartlett is a master of the bedside manner - this applies to reassuring anxious patients and to delivering both good and bad news. He seems to have a knack for choosing the right words in any given situation.
Ambitions Secretly, Dr. Bartlett has always wanted to find love. Although his orientation extends towards other humanoid males, he has never met the right man. It has been several years since his last relationship, and he would dearly love to find someone to grow old with.
Hobbies & Interests Bartlett is a bit of a history buff. His main interest is in western Europe, but he happily reads almost anything. He's not especially interested in the histories of non-Humans, though, occasionally finding them difficult to relate to.

Personal History Sidney Bartlett was born in 2365 in the tiny medieval town of Pembroke in Wales, the eldest of four children. Harbouring ambitions of becoming the town doctor at an early age, he graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in 2393, and entered Starfleet Academy. He began his life in the fleet four years later as a commissioned officer.

Bartlett served throughout the Seventh War of Retribution, although he was not on a front-line starship, and an extended period of shore-based service saw him kept away from the myriad dangers of life in Starfleet. His experience grew, and this made him an attractive target for many COs who had crossed his path. Soon, Bartlett was working as a Chief Medical Officer, although he always made sure to keep his bedside skills fresh.

Bartlett served as CMO of the starship Harpoon during the Second Dominion War - a Sabre-class destroyer that was assigned to picket duty in the Bajor system. Although Starfleet expected the Dominion to invade the Federation through the wormhole, no attack materialised. Harpoon's (and Bartlett's) front-line contribution was confined to assisting as an emergency hospital ship.

During the Neo-Essentialist Crisis, Bartlett watched helplessly as many of the Human officers around him were revealed as Neo-Essentialists. He had been approached in 2410 by the organisation, but had rejected it, correctly deducing that it was more than it appeared.

With the restoration of the Federation and reorganisation of the fleet, Bartlett is still in demand as a CMO. His latest assignment, the starship Phoenix, may be the pinnacle of his career.
Service Record 2397 - graduated Starfleet Academy
assigned to USS Leland as medical officer

2400 - promoted to Lieutenant, JG
assigned to USS Capella as medical officer

2405 - promoted to Lieutenant
assigned to USS Mariner as Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2410 - promoted to Lieutenant Commander
assigned to Starbase 1 as Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2415 - assigned to Starfleet Medical as Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2421 - promoted to Commander
assigned to USS Harpoon as Chief Medical Officer

2426 - assigned to USS Federation as Chief Medical Officer

2430 - assigned to Starbase 9 as Chief Medical Officer

2433 - assigned to USS Phoenix as Chief Medical Officer
Education Graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons, class of 2393
Graduate of Starfleet Academy, class of 2397