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Lieutenant Tomas' Vukovic

Name Tomas' Alexei Vukovic

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Borg
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Ice blue
Physical Description Completely and utterly average for anyone of Slavic descent, Tomas is a bit on the stocky side, but athletic, like a power lifter, not a runner. He is not particularly graceful in his movements. He is determined and durable. His appearance is deceiving. He doesn't look like a Borg at all, but the facts are he is one, and he's not altogether happy about that. At one time he looked the part, prosthetic eye, Borg skin pallor, that sort of thing. But thanks to an adventure with the USS Prophecy, he was changed in ways he is still learning.


Father Gregori Vukovic, maintenance engineer
Mother Marta Vukovic, administrative assistant

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Prior to becoming Borg, he had a fondness for vodka, but as a Borg, his nanite implants render the effects of all alcohol inert. Since he drank to get drunk, and this is no longer possible, he drinks now for the taste of things, and prefers sparkling water with juices of various kinds. Borg also require far less actual food for sustenance, since their cybernetic devices can utilize power directly, but he does eat socially, and actually enjoys sampling new things primarily for the experience value.

Personal History While studying archaeology and xenopology at the prestigious Tycho University, Tomas became ill and was forced to seek medical assistance. Eventually he had to leave his schooling behind. Tests indicated he had a rare blood disorder related to hemophilia which, because of other health factors, virtually assured his death. There was talk among his physicians of using Borg nanites to keep his illness in check, but it was determined he was neither "special" enough nor wealthy enough to qualify for the risky and very expensive treatment with these rare devices.

In desperation, his parents travelled to the Delta Quadrant and through clandestine means met with representatives of the Borg Senate in an attempt to procure nanites for his use. The Borg were unwilling simply to turn over technology for any reason, but Tomas made them an offer which intrigued them. He reminded them that most of their difficulties with other species resulted from failure to understand other cultures, and that once "repaired" he would offer his services to them as an ambassador extraordinaire. His sole purpose would be to study peoples and places and civilizations currently outside of Borg control and explain those cultures in terms the Borg would understand. In short, he was willing to *become* Borg by choice, and his watchwords became "educate, not assimilate."

The BORG agreed, but only so long as they maintained control over his nanites. They did not want their technology under Federation control. Any unauthorized attempt by any agency to acquire the nanites or the technology loose in Tomas' body would result in his immediate termination and the subsequent destruction of all of his implants. Self-destruct.

He was sent to Gateway Station to work as a junior member of the Borg Consulate there. Because of an encounter with Professor Maury R. Tee, he was cut off from that consulate, worked a short time at the water park on the Gateway, then went to serve as Xana Bonviva's Chief of Staff when she worked as Terran Ambassador there.

His mission with the starship Prophecy brought him into contact with Borg from another dimension, and he has been massively altered on a molecular scale. He is the Borg equivalent of a Founder, a being capable of altering shape and appearance, though not mass, for short periods of time. He is a chameleon of sorts. And though he is not entirely controlled by the Borg, he cannot ever escape its influence in his life. Like Pinnochio, he dreams of becoming a real person again, a whole biological being, but realistically knows that without the BORG enhancements, he would not only be just average, he would be dead.
Service Record Tomas carries dual citizenship between the Borg Federation and the United Federation of Planets. Unfortunately, people of the Federation mistrust him once they know he's Borg. Some are openly fearful of him. Only Xana Bonviva has ever treated him as something other than a bogey man. He doesn't feel much kinship to the Borg, despite his enhancements. He hangs in the balance between two philosophies and cultures, unable to be a part of either. On Gateway station, he had an open and active security file. On the USS MacInnis, he served as a nondescript bartender who seemed to know a little too much about what was going on around him.