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Chloe Nielsen

Name Chloe Nielsen

Position Agent

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39 [DOB: March 7, 2396]

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7”
Weight 139 lbs
Hair Color Blonde, shoulder length
Eye Color Blue grey
Physical Description Fair complexion, slender but fit and athletic. On a good day, she can be beautiful but on a bad day, she looks very frumpy with messed up hair.


Father Simon Nielsen, 64, Human (Deceased), formerly Starfleet marine
Mother Christina Flores, 62, Human, Archaeologist and Professor
Brother(s) Ensign Martin Nielsen, 30, Human (Deceased), Starfleet fighter pilot
Sister(s) Sofia Nielsen-Ruiz, 35, Human, Nurse (Civilian)
Other Family Michela Ruiz, 10, Human

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chloe is a calm, level headed, no nonsense officer. She is cool under pressure and is very focused, rarely allowing anything to distract her from the mission. She is thorough and leaves no stone unturned. Those are qualities that make her an excellent agent and valuable to SFI. She is cold and at times calculating with the ability to mask her emotions, which does not make her seem endearing to others but she doesn’t care as long as she gets the job done. As much as possible, she tries to lessen the loss of lives during her assignments. Despite her cool nature, she does get fiercely protective of her assets from time to time and makes every effort to save them if they are in danger, even if she has to disobey orders.

Because of her job, she does not have friends or romantic partners. However, she does have strong attachments to her sister and niece. Sometimes, she has a sarcastic wit and dry sense of humour.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

She is an expert in hand to hand combat (black belt in two styles of martial arts (Taekwondo and Aikido) and reached higher levels in other styles, both human and alien). She is fluent in many languages. She can make quick decisions on the spot and adapt quickly to changes in the mission. She can read and understand people well, which makes her effective in gaining trust from others.


Sometimes, she tends to stray from the mission plan, when she believes it is not the right one and she has a better plan and that is fine if she ends up being successful but not so if she fails.

Stubborn, sometimes to the detriment of the mission.

Ambitions Hmmm….protect the innocent and stop the bad guys/girls without losing herself in the process
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, bird watching, hiking, camping, gardening

Favorite drink is tea (only the kinds taken without milk and sugar) and does not like coffee
Prefer organic food but will accept replicated meals if no other choice

Personal History Born in 2396 at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, EARTH.

Chloe had a rather uneventful childhood, spent mostly on EARTH with her parents and siblings. Her father, a marine, was often away on various assignments so Chloe only got to see him two or three times a year, if she was lucky as there were times, when he was gone for a whole year and at one time, two years. Her mother, an accomplished archaeologist, had taken up a teaching position in Toronto to train future archaeologists, soon after Chloe was born. When Chloe was 14, her father was caught in an explosion during a mission and sustained permanent injuries, leading to an honorable discharge from Starfleet. At first, Chloe and her siblings were happy that they could have their father home, full time but Simon was away, spending most of his time in the woods in Northern Ontario. A year later, in the middle of winter, he was found dead in his cabin, having taken his own life. The family found out from Starfleet Medical that Simon suffered from depression and unable to accept life without serving as a marine.

When Chloe turned 18, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy. After graduating from the Academy, she was recruited by SFI, first as an analyst at HQ and later a field agent. Due to the classified nature of her missions, Chloe’s professional history will not be recorded here.

Chloe still maintains close relations with her sister and niece but is estranged from her mother, who was against her joining Starfleet. She was also close to her brother, even supported him, when he joined Starfleet, initially to follow in his father’s footsteps to be a marine but ended up becoming a fighter pilot. He was killed in action, when his fighter was shot down by an enemy vessel during the Second Dominion war. He only just graduated from the academy and was in his first mission.

Service Record *Attended Starfleet Academy: 2414-2418
*Promoted to Ensign: 2418
*Assigned to SFI as Intelligence Officer: 2418
*Promoted to Lieutenant JG: 2419
*Promoted to Lieutenant: 2422
*Promoted to Lieutenant Commander: 2428
*Arrested and charged with multiple breaches of Starfleet regulations (Classified): 2429
*Abducted and sent to illegal psychiatric facility (Classified): 2429
*Rescued from facility (Classified): 2430
*Charges against her dropped after new evidence presented to SFI (Classified): 2431
*Assigned to Section 31 as agent (Classified): 2431
Education Academy Major: Operations (Alien Communication/Linguistics)
Academy Minor: Science, mainly biology
Additional Education: Intelligence training, psychology, hand to hand combat